See What Makes ReachLocal a Google Premier SMB Partner

ReachLocal is extremely proud to be Google’s largest global partner. Search advertising is critical to ReachLocal partnering with Google, the world’s biggest search innovator, combined with ReachLocal expertise and ReachLocal technology means they can deliver great results to clients. Watch the video, or read the transcript below to learn more about this partnership!


Howard Tung, Head of SEM Platform Partnerships at Google:

“The Google Adwords Premier Partner Program includes highly qualified handpicked Partners like ReachLocal. I’m very proud to share that ReachLocal has received multiple awards from Google recognizing excellent account performance for their customers.”

Sharon Rowlands, CEO of ReachLocal:

“At ReachLocal our mission is all about helping local businesses get new customers. And we do that all over the world by leveraging 10 years of experience as well as great digital marketing platform that really makes sure our clients get the best quality leads at the best possible price and that we really help them turn those leads into customers for them.”

Josh Markam, Vice President of Media Products at ReachLocal:

“The ReachLocal platform enhances search engine marketing. It’s a unique technology that allows us to optimize not just to clicks but to conversions, bookings, appointments, even sales.”

Sharon Rowlands:

“ReachLocal has worked with Google since 2004. So that’s over 10 years of collaboration. ReachLocal has won a number of quality awards from Google across the world and we’re very proud to be Google’s largest global partner. “

Josh Markam:

“Google and ReachLocal’s technical teamwork allows us to deliver quality products to market and offers up the latest and greatest new ways to reach new customers online through digital advertising. The Google Adwords program combined with ReachLocal’s optimization technology and marketing tools really enables us to deliver and unparalleled ROI for our clients. “

Sharon Rowlands:

“For ReachLocal in serving our clients, search is absolutely critical. And the fact that we’re able to partner with Google – who’s the biggest innovator in the world as far as search is concerned – on a global platform, we’re then able to wrap that with ReachLocal expertise in our own technology really makes delivering a great result to our client so much more effective.”

Tara Banda

Tara Banda is a digital marketer in Dallas, TX and a Content Marketing Manager for ReachLocal. She focuses on helping businesses develop their voice in order to connect and engage with the right audiences. Tara has worked on campaigns and promotions – including social media, email marketing, video, advertising, guerrilla marketing, and event marketing – for both small businesses and globally recognized brands. In her spare time, she likes to cook.

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