Get Your Local Business Mobile Ready for the Holidays

Holiday Mobile Marketing Tips

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are both right around the corner. Consumers are already searching for the best deals, services, and offers for their holiday needs. Chances are, your business is already running holiday promotions and marketing campaigns.

But, while you were making your holiday marketing list and checking it twice, did the word “mobile” wind up in your plans? If not, you could be losing a big chunk of consumers this holiday season.

In fact, recent research illustrates just why mobile should be a cornerstone for local marketing this holiday, whether you’re in retail or not.

  • Smartphone Users Search Daily: Yahoo! study of smartphone users showed that 87% use a search engine on their mobile device at least once a day, and 45% use one twice or more each day.
  • Mobile Consumers Want Local Information: A Google report showed that four out of five consumers use mobile search engines to look for local information.
  • Mobile Searches Lead to Visits: The same Google report found that 50% of
    those searching for local information via mobile went to a store within a day (higher than the 34% of those who did the same search from a computer or tablet.)

Will Mobile Consumers Find Your Business this Holiday? 

If you haven’t already asked yourself this question, now is the time. It’s not too late to take some basic steps to shore up your mobile marketing and web presence this year. Here are a few places to start:

1) Mobile Search Advertising
Does your search engine advertising strategy include mobile advertising on top search engines? If you’re not sure, now’s the time to ask. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure your business shows up when consumers search for local businesses like yours from a mobile device.

2) A Mobile Responsive Site
Hand in hand with mobile search advertising is a mobile responsive website. After all, when mobile searchers click on your ads, you want them to have a seamless mobile experience. At a bare minimum, make sure your mobile search ads lead consumers to a mobile landing page with prominent contact methods that are mobile friendly, such as a click-to call phone number. Better yet, ensure your entire website is mobile responsive to give consumers a full view of your business, services, offers, and content no matter what type of device they are using to access it. 

3) A Local SEO Strategy
Mobile searchers are likely to be searching for businesses in their proximity. Recall that four out of five consumers use search engines to search for local information, and those doing so from a mobile device are very likely to visit a business on that same day. That’s a lot of local consumer potential. So, you can add even more oomph to your mobile web presence by also making sure your business shows up in organic search when people look for local businesses like yours on search engines through using local SEO best practices.

4) Claimed & Optimized Mobile Listings
Local listings play a huge role in your mobile presence as a local business for several reasons. For one, top listing sites such as Google+ Local feed the details from these profiles into mobile applications such as Google Maps, which is one of the most widely used apps globally. Also, accurate and consistent citations across these listings can also boost your visibly and performance on different types of search results and lists that consumers reference via mobile.

To get started, you can claim your Google+ Local page on the new Google My Business portal. Also, claim and optimize your listing on top listing sites like Yelp, CitySearch, SuperPages, WhitePages, and other top sites in your industry. If this is too much to manage, you can enlist the help of services created to manage your local listings for you.

5) Mobile Coupon Redemption Process
If you’re running holiday promotions and offers, it’s a good idea to make sure there’s a way for consumers to redeem these offers — right from their mobile devices. Whether it’s a coupon code or marketing source i.d., put a procedure in place to allow mobile consumers who come across your specials and offers from their mobile devices to easily redeem them. For example, consumers who get an email of a seasonal offer will probably want to skip printing something and just be able to show the email from their mobile inbox instead. Make sure you’ve got a system in place and that you train your staff to make this process as seamless and enjoyable an experience as possible for mobile consumers.

So, how does your business stack up? Are you ready to reach local consumers this holiday season? What else are you doing to reach mobile consumers looking for businesses like yours? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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