Social Media Snafus That Will Leave Your Pages Desolate

Being present on social media and engaging with active users is important when creating a great online presence. However, it can be easy to make mistakes if you don’t understand just how to manage, develop, or post captivating content to your business’ pages. Using social media is a great way to interact with potential customers, but do you know exactly how to use it? Be sure not to make these common social media marketing snafus:

Not Creating a Social Media Strategy

Just like any marketing campaign, it is important to develop a strategy to successfully reach measurable goals, determine your target audience, and nail down the type of online content you would like to create. How can social media positively impact your business as a whole?

When planning your social media strategy, think about the results you’re looking for. Do you want more followers? More engagement? More leads to call your business? Having a good social media presence can create a new source of sales leads while also helping to develop your brand’s reputation.

It can be easy to create a profile on multiple social media platforms, push out content for a few weeks, and forget to post out of a lack of planning. However, it is most important to post regularly to engage your audience. Develop posts with content that raise awareness about new product features but is also a good reflection of your brand.

Not Facing Feedback

Respond to feedback, whether it is good or bad. Acting fast may keep a situation from escalating. Customers who give feedback expect to be taken seriously and you should always do your best to meet their needs, which includes complaints. Research shows that 78% of consumers feel responsive businesses care more about their customers than those who do not respond at all to online reviews.

Also remember that social media is a great place to ask for reviews and feedback when you feel that your customer did have a good experience to show both sides of the spectrum. Through visual suggestions, email marketing, and sharing on social media, you can drive more reviews to your page. Let word of mouth work wonders for your brand’s reputation.

Not Posting Diverse Content

Always consider what content you are posting and how it may engage your followers. If you always post the same thing, they might not be as interested in what your business has to say. Vary content with blog posts, photos, videos and articles that link to content that is still relevant to what your audience is interested in seeing. It is important to share or retweet from other companies because social media is about interaction while staying true to your brand’s image.

Don’t post the same content on every social media platform. Each social site has a different audience, so some things that may be appropriate to post on Facebook might not be as fitting to post on LinkedIn. Consider repurposing older content and breaking apart past blog posts with updated, newer facts. You can also change feature images and links to keep followers engaged.

A great social media marketing strategy can help you stand out from your competitors while helping you to develop a relationship with your followers and future customers. The content you post is a reflection of your business, whether that’s with feedback or a new blog post. Let us know in the comments how you’re standing out from competitors on social media!

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Josh Wilbanks

Josh is continuing his junior year at the University of North Texas and is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in journalism with a concentration in public relations. While at UNT, Josh works as a Social Media Strategist for the Housing department and is a student representative for the Mayborn School of Journalism. He started as a Marketing Communications Intern at ReachLocal this January and is very excited to learn and grow while meeting new people in the industry.

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