Awaken the Force Within: Inspire Your Local Marketing

With the latest, long-anticipated Star Wars movie The Force Awakens hitting theaters this week, we wondered what advice a Jedi master may give to local marketers.

So, in celebration of Star Wars week, we present some famous lines, with a local marketing twist, to inspire the inner marketer and Star Wars fan within.

1) Judge a Business By Its Size, Do Not

“Size matters not. Judge my business by its size, do you? Hmm? And well you should not, because local marketing is with me, and a powerful ally it is.” 

With the right partner by your side, the size of your business doesn’t have to keep you from harnessing the force of local marketing. Today, local businesses of any size can use powerful, highly-effective marketing trends that the “Empire’s” biggest brands have been enacting for years. Tools like retargeting, mobile in-app advertising, and live website chat can arm your local business to compete.

2) Do Not Assume Anything! Measure Your Marketing You Must

“Do not assume anything. Measure your marketing you must if you are able to discover the source of your success.” 

Intelligence about what’s working in your marketing only makes you stronger, which is why it’s so important for every local business to measure the success of all their marketing sources in terms of actual calls and leads they drive. When you can focus your marketing budget on what truly works, you’ll be empowered and more effective at growing the force of your marketing strength.

3) Discover the Leaks You Must, and Stop Them

“If no mistake have you made in your marketing, yet losing leads you are, discover the leaks you must, and stop them. It is your only hope.”

The real enemy of many local marketing programs is not the competition – it’s leaks in the business’s marketing pipeline. Are you inadvertently sabotaging your own efforts with bad call handling? Are you losing leads to systems you don’t check? Before you focus your efforts externally, take time to really look within and ask yourself some critical questions about your business to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stop losing leads – so you can ultimately win more customers.

4) New Leads, Nurture Them You Must

“When new leads you reach, nurture them you must.” 

You are probably putting a lot of time, effort, and energy into recruiting new leads for your business. Make sure you’re investing just as much time informing, educating, and winning them over as customers through the power of lead nurturing.

5) Much to Learn, You Still Have

“Much to learn, you still have. Every day, a new trend. This is just the beginning!” 

The job of local marketing is never done. There are always new customers to reach, and every day, there are new tools, opportunities, and ideas for how to reach them. Keep an open mindset about your local marketing plans., and always be looking for the next powerful way to reach more local consumers.

“May the force be with you.”

What has your favorite Star Wars character taught you that you use in business? Feel free to share your favorite quote, inspiration, or insight in a comment!

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