Steal these Social Media Stats: 15 Amazing Facebook and Twitter Facts

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook: it’s the place many of us go to keep in touch with friends and family, get the latest news and entertainment, and engage with our favorite businesses.  But what do you really know about the world’s number 1 social networking site?  For starters, did you know that Facebook has a population twice the size of the U.S., with 660 million users?

And don’t forget about Twitter, which is steadily gaining traction with both consumers and local businesses. Did you know that it only takes one week for users to generate one billion Tweets? At only 140 characters each, how many micro-blogs do you share in a day?

Here are some more staggering facts about Facebook and Twitter that you should know:

1) Social networking is the number one online activity in the U.S. A year ago, it was email.

2) The average Facebook user has 130 friends.

3) Three out of four U.S. Internet users visit Facebook every month.

4) Facebook accounts for one quarter of all U. S. page views  In fact, it receives 3% more web visits and almost five times more page views than Google.

5) The average user spends 25 minutes per day on Facebook.

6) Facebook now has 154 million U.S. users. That’s a whopping 38% more than it had in 2009!

7) Facebook is the number 1 publisher of display ads.

8) 30 billion pieces of content like photos, videos, web links, news stories, and blog posts are shared on Facebook each month. If every piece of content was printed out on a sheet of paper and placed side by side, it would reach the moon 16 times.

9) 200 million users use mobile devices to access Facebook. And, people who use Facebook via mobile are twice as active as non-mobile users.

10) U.S. Facebook advertising spend is expected to reach $2 billion in 2011.

11) 48% of local businesses use Facebook to reach local consumers.

12) In the last year, local businesses have doubled their use of social media for marketing.

13) Users generate about 140 million Tweets per day, or 1,600 every second. A year ago, the daily average was just 50 million.

14) Hold the Smartphone: 40% of all Tweets are made from mobile devices.

15) On average, 460,000 new Twitter accounts are created every day — that’s equal to one account for every resident of Sacramento, CA.

Want more stats? Last week, we unveiled the Web Presence Factbook, a collection of some of the most astonishing online consumer statistics from across the Web. So check it out to discover even more gripping facts about your favorite online pastimes, and then tell us which ones blew your mind!

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