Steal These Social Posts: Multifamily Marketing Edition

It won’t be the first time you’ve heard it. It won’t be the last. Content will make or break your social media strategy. Your posts need to be timely, engaging, and regularly updated. Which sounds simple enough, but putting pen to paper is easier said than done. Never fear – here are five creative ideas to jumpstart your social posts as part of your multifamily marketing strategy this year.

1. Profile Your Staff

Your presence on social media is one resource for current residents to get to know you better. You can use your social posts to profile your staff (with their permission of course!). Feature a new leasing agent, a bio of the property manager, or even show appreciation for maintenance staff. Invest in a good quality camera, take pictures of your staff, and allow them to share a few fun facts about themselves. This kind of personal touch can make your staff feel appreciated and create a sense of community online that is attractive to both residents and prospects.

2. Hold a Contest

An easy way to increase engagement and page likes is to incentivize users with a contest. The prize can be something as simple as a gift card or a free pizza delivery. The contest itself can be a creative way to engage residents or prospects online and within your community.

Here are some contest ideas:

  • Is there a holiday coming up? Have residents post pictures of their decorations with a set hashtag, and choose a winner. Ask users to vote by “liking” the decorations they think deserve the prize. This is a good contest because it promotes activity on your page and can showcase the lifestyle and sense of “home” that your residents have on your property.
  • Ask users to like, share, and comment on a post that showcases your property. Choose one of these users at random to win the prize. This contest is good for growing your following because it asks users to share with their friends. And, Facebook will now prioritize engagements like shares when determining what to show in the News Feed.
  • Ask residents and prospects to check in when they visit your leasing office and then choose one of the users to win the prize. This is also effective at growing your following as these updates will be shared with the users’ friends.

Whatever contest you choose, clearly outline the rules and any disclaimers in the post. Make it simple to understand and be sure to promote it early and often! You can ask residents and staff to share the post if they feel comfortable to help widen its reach.

3. Post Things to Do in the Neighborhood

Posting about neighborhood events and activities is a great way not only to update residents but also to inform prospects about your location. In addition to your own community events, you can check local publications, coffee shop bulletin boards, or even city hall’s website for ideas. Post about favorite restaurants or hangouts, the best park to walk your dog, local concerts, or crafts fairs. Be sure to include referral links to websites with more details (local businesses might return the favor one day!). These posts can be short and to the point, but very effective at engaging your fanbase with minimal time spent.

4. Share DIYs and home décor tips

In multifamily, you are selling a home. As a result, relevant posts for users and even prospects could be related to keeping a home. Research simple home repairs, creative storage ideas, designing on a budget, and similar topics. Pinterest is a great place to start because you can just repurpose and repost something you find there. Keep it simple, and include questions in the post to help promote engagement. Don’t forget about attribution. Be sure to link to your sources!

5. Promote Your Specials

We’ve covered several posts that can be useful for engaging current residents. One way to generate interest with prospects, however, is to promote specials and availability. Facebook is a great place for this because you can target your ideal demographic with this messaging and link to your website in hopes of driving traffic to it when running Facebook advertising. Be sure to include a specific call to action that references a preferred method of contact. Watch this video to learn how paid ads can make a difference on Facebook.

These five ideas should kickstart a killer social media posting strategy for your community. But keep in mind that maintaining fresh content on your social pages doesn’t have to cause you a headache or take up a lot of time. You can simplify it even further by using social scheduling tools or working with a digital marketing partner. Learn more about social media marketing on our blog or by subscribing to our newsletter.

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Sara Monzingo

As an Account Manager at ReachLocal, Sara grows customer relationships and manages digital advertising campaigns for strategic national accounts, specializing in multifamily marketing. Her experience includes an internet startup, copywriting, branding, traditional print-media advertising, and digital marketing. A proud fifth-generation Texan, she graduated from Texas Christian University and lives in central Texas with her husband and their two dogs, Grizzly and Bear.

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