Summer’s Approaching! 4 Tips to Amp Up Your Social Media Strategy

Summer will be here before you know it, and now is the perfect time for your business to get creative online while school is out and vacationers come rolling into town. Whether you are a service business, healthcare provider, or auto dealer, it is important to have a clear, consistent social media strategy. We know it can be easy to give into negative marketing habits that can hinder your business, but don’t worry too much; take a deep breath of fresh, summer air and read these tips on how to amp up your social marketing strategy.

Choose the Appropriate Channels  

Think about the top social media sites as real places where you communicate with people throughout the day. Facebook is personal, and as a business, you are reaching out and engaging with consumers from their home. Twitter is the coffee shop you visit before work in the morning, full of constant conversation and information about the latest news. LinkedIn is like the office; professional but full of connections both personally and professionally. Instagram would be the art gallery you relax at after a long day and is full of creative posts.

A social media platform that works great for one business may not necessarily work as well for yours. However, it is important to be active on social media so you can create an online presence that helps you reach new audiences. Do you not know which platform may be best for your business? We have marketing experts that are ready and available to help you decide.

Create a Consistent Posting Schedule

The easiest way to break a bad social media habit is by creating a posting schedule. You can even make it easier for yourself by designating specific days for the same types of content. For example, Mondays could be #mvm – Motor Vehicle Monday – for your auto dealership where you post a picture of a car on the lot. Don’t always post the same exact message across all social profiles but be consistent with branding characteristics such as company descriptions, logos, and with your online personality.

Take Advantage of New Features

Social media is always changing and new features are constantly emerging. It seems that just about every other month some platform is adding a new feature that promotes innovative ways to engage with users. Posting content is only the first step, but if you take your strategy to the next level, you could find that your audience will appreciate the effort.

For example, Instagram and Facebook have both utilized Story features where businesses can now post behind-the-scenes or promotional content for a limited time onto their pages. Just about every popular social platform also offers a Live Feed feature where users can film their events and notify their followers so they can watch in real-time. Through the use of gifs (moving images) and hashtags, businesses can get creative in their posts to make their content rise above the rest. By staying on top of topics trending online, your business may be able to reach new, like-minded consumers that you hadn’t been able to reach before.

Determine Which Content Resonates with Your Audience

Play to your audience. Why do you think your followers chose to connect with you originally? Was it for your promotions, thought-provoking content, or engagement with other users? A well-developed social media strategy finds a way to balance all three categories so they are applicable to the interests of any current or future consumer.  

Develop your business’s online voice and tone so you can communicate with your audience authentically. Share content from complementary businesses or community events pages to promote other pages and increase engagement. Social media is a community of people, and sharing posts from other users is a key part of interacting and engaging with the public.

Stop stressing about your social media strategy and take a vacation this summer by utilizing these few, easy tips. Do you need further help kickstarting your social media campaign? Contact ReachLocal to learn how we can help your business’s social media.


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Josh Wilbanks

Josh is continuing his junior year at the University of North Texas and is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in journalism with a concentration in public relations. While at UNT, Josh works as a Social Media Strategist for the Housing department and is a student representative for the Mayborn School of Journalism. He started as a Marketing Communications Intern at ReachLocal this January and is very excited to learn and grow while meeting new people in the industry.

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