SXSW Soundbites: The Interactive Experience in Quotes & Tweets


This week at SXSW Interactive, in Austin, TX, there have been lots of thoughts shared, connections formed, and ideas sparked. We’ve heard about everything from augmented reality to the future of location-based services. So, we wanted to share some of the most memorable quotes from influencers and insightful tweets from attendees so far to share the essence of the SXSW Interactive experience with our readers.

Quoteable Influencers

“You will love brands when they love you first.” – Gary Vaynerchuk, Author

“I think that as we build companies, we need to be thinking about the long-term changes we’re going to make and ask: Are we making people’s lives better?” – Josh Williams, Gowalla

“I treat my Twitter like an IM. You’re people, not just metrics and numbers. You want to be amused, you want to be touched.” – Felicia Day, Actress

“I remember 10 or 15 years ago, we worried about privacy being the biggest concern. Now, I feel like we have much more to worry about, like reputation and image. Reputation, in some ways, is eclipsing privacy in the biggest concern consumers have.” – Genevieve Bell, Intel

“We’re sharing things in our lives everyday that we wouldn’t have picked up the phone to talk about ten years ago.” – Gary Vaynerchuk, Author

Search Tweets

@FlightpathNY: “Show me the content love and I’m much more likely to rank you!” – @MattCutts, Google

@pitrow: “Quality of comments a good indicator of the quality of the post/page.” – @MattCutts, Google

@tastytouring: Additional links at the bottom of each blog post keeps folks on your site longer and helps SEO. Overall, quality/relevancy wins.

@bonarrdo: Reputation and topicality are the two main factors impacting Google’s search results. – @mattcutts, Google

Social Tweets

@elysa: “90% of all purchasing decisions have some sort of social influence” – @daved

@justinlevy: Businesses that consistently demonstrate trust will create more shared value.

@kkinnison: “It’s gonna get beat up for a while, but social media isn’t a fad. It can’t be. It’s human.” – @garyvee

@tmonhollon “The majority of remarkable services will be mobile in nature in the future.” – @jw, Gowalla

Reputation Tweets

@hollyhoffman: “Own your Google Places, own your Yelp. Own the channel before you move on.” – @DarthBacklink

@mizdiva: A company’s credibility and reputation are key components of its social capital.

@FelixWetzel: SEO ranking is actually about influence. Real influence’s based on reputation, transparency, authenticity & creating positive outcome.

With so many ideas, insights, and nuggets of inspiration that have happened this week, these are just a small snapshot of the SXSW experience. If you experienced SXSW first-hand this year, help us collect and share your experience too by posting your favorite tweets and quotes with us in the comments!


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