The 4 Best Places to Market Your Business Online

As online marketing becomes increasingly popular, there are more and more opportunities and places to market your business. As you find where your target audience is, you will figure out which niche platforms you should be advertising on, but what are the major platforms you should be on no matter what?

Keep reading as I explore the top four places to market your business online.

1. Google

The first platform you should be on is a slightly obvious one but extremely important. That platform is Google. There are 4.4 million searches conducted each day on Google. And with three different major opportunities for your business to have a presence on the search results page of Google, there’s no excuse not to have a presence there.

The first opportunity is through Google search ads. These ads are important because they allow you to reach your clients in real time as they search for the goods or services you provide. The second opportunity is through your Google My Business listing. This is completely free to operate and allows you to provide anyone searching for your business basic information such as hours of operation, address, and phone number. It is imperative that this information is consistently correct and up to date because your Google My Business information translates to what’s shown on Google Maps and more. The final opportunity is through organic listings. These will fall under the text ads at the top of the search engine results page. In order to show up in Google’s organic listings, you need an SEO strategy that will include work on the backend of your website, in the content on your website, and through how your business is listed across the web. SEO can take a little longer to start working, but it’s well worth it to invest in a solid SEO strategy.

2. Facebook

The next platform you should be on is Facebook. Again, this one seems slightly obvious, but the platform has 2 billion monthly users, and that is hard to argue with. Similar to Google, Facebook has a few different options that allow you to reach your customer base. The first way is through organic page management. This allows anyone who follows your business page to see what you have posted, and you can easily engage with your online community. Find tips for engaging with your audience on Facebook in this blog post, 13 Easy Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement.

Outside of managing your business page, you can run paid ads. Facebook ads are one of the best ways to reach a very specific audience online. Beyond basic demographic targeting, Facebook allows you get as detailed with targeting as you want. You can target job title, general interests, and income among many different things.

3. YouTube

Did you know that YouTube viewers consume 1 billion hours of video content a day? That is a lot of videos to watch, and your business should be taking advantage of all the time spent on that site. In digital marketing, it is common to hear someone say “content is king,” and the power of content is shifting more and more towards video. Having a YouTube channel with your own videos is a great way to connect with your consumers in an engaging way and can complement the written content on your website, social sites, and blog. You can also run ads on YouTube to reach an even broader audience.

4. Bing

Google does not account for all searches conducted online, which is why it is a great strategy to advertise outside of the Google network. One of the best places to do that is on Bing. The search engine from Microsoft has really gained moment in the past few years with the platform now accounting for almost a million searches a day. Bing is a little bit more cost effective with a cost per click that is on average 33% lower than on Google. This means that your advertising dollars will be able to go farther and your business will be able to be seen by more people, especially when you’re advertising on both Google and Bing.

What all of these platforms have in common is that they have a lot of users who routinely come back again and again, which increases your chances of reaching more people. Learn how ReachLocal can help you get your business on these four platforms by visiting our website.

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