The 411 on Facebook’s Non-Promoted Posts Test

When businesses and advertisers caught wind of Facebook’s recent test, which removed any non-promoted posts from the main News Feed, panic ensued. How would you release new and important content on your page if no one would see it?

Fortunately for us, it’s just a small test covering a total of six countries. But, what if Facebook decides to expand the test or make it permanent? Here are some frequently asked questions about Facebook’s non-promoted posts test.

Will people ever see my content unless I pay?

In short, yes. Part of the test was separating content from friends and family and the pages someone likes into two separate tabs. Facebook reasons this will give people the chance to view more content from family and friends in a separate place from the rest of their content. Boosted posts and ads will still appear in this feed, but any other content will end up in a second feed. So, investing in a paid plus organic strategy on Facebook is still a great way to expand your reach on this social platform.

Was there a decrease in interaction as a result?

This test is incomplete, and Facebook is unlikely to release the results, but business owners from the test countries have noticed a sharp decline in interaction from clients.

What are the chances this will be expanded?

At the moment, there is no reason to believe Facebook will roll this out more widely. The goal of the test, as mentioned in a blog released by Facebook, is to gauge people’s reactions to having a separate feed for friends and family and for public content (pages). They will use the feedback from the people involved in this test to see if it is something they are interested in pursuing further.

Can we expect something like this to happen again?

As mentioned on Facebook’s blog, they are exploring multiple options to balance personal and page content on the News Feed. Depending on how this test goes, they may expand testing, change tactics, or adjust the algorithm on News Feed again.

What should my content look like to make sure I stay on the current News Feed?

Your social media posts should always be relevant both to your business and your key demographic. For example, if you are custom deck designer and the average age of your customer is 45, you want to make sure your content will be something that age group would be interested in and relevant to your business. While it may be fun, posting a video of ducks swimming in a lake may not be as relevant as a video showing clients how to protect their new deck in winter.

If you have any questions concerning the test to Facebook’s News Feed or would like help with relevant content for your business, ReachLocal has the social media experts you need. Learn more on our website.

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