The Official Launch of ReachCast: A Web Presence Solution for SMBs


Today ReachLocal is excited to be announcing the official launch of ReachCast, a web presence optimization service for small businesses. With this launch, we’re announcing that ReachCast is now available across the U.S. as an affordable solution to help small businesses address the growing demands of marketing their business in a digital landscape.

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know we talk a lot about how small businesses can build a dynamic web presence, boost search discovery, manage their online reputation, and market their businesses using social media.

With ReachCast, our goal is to help small business owners accomplish all this and more using a unique combination of our proprietary technology and a team of experts we call Web Presence Professionals.

Our Web Presence Professionals work directly with the business to develop strategies, put those plans into action, and report on the results on an ongoing basis. On the technology side, the ReachCast platform includes:

  • A Cast page, which is one centralized site that serves as the hub for the SMB’s Web presence
  • A real-time publishing and syndication engine that distributes – or “casts” – content across the Web, including the Cast page and social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • A content library that provides centralized management of business information, blog posts, rich media, social media engagement, offers, reviews, and testimonials
  • A proprietary radar technology that features a single stream that monitors the Web for mentions, keywords, reviews, and more
  • A reporting engine that tracks progress over time to empower robust Web presence optimization

All this works together to power search discovery, reputation management, and social media marketing for small business owners, giving them more time to focus on running their business.

“Simply put, our goal with ReachCast is to help our small business clients publish more content in more places so they can acquire, engage, and retain more customers,” said Alex Hawkinson, General Manager and Senior Vice President of ReachCast.


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