The Secret to Getting the Most from Your Marketing Budget

With so many different marketing opportunities in today’s world – paid search, social media advertising, SEO, etc. – it can be hard to determine what’s really working for your business. You may often wonder, “Where is my marketing budget actually going? What’s working? What’s not?” And many local businesses have the same concerns.

A recent MediaPost article entitled: “SMBs: Is Your Ad Spend a Waste of Budget?” touches on the same kinds of questions: Where is your marketing budget going and is it getting you conversions?

It poses the argument that, while you can actively advertise in as many places as possible, the real factor in measuring success for most local businesses is if you’re getting phone calls.

“Across industries, data overwhelmingly suggests that inbound calls have higher intent and a higher value per sale than most online response mechanisms. Therefore, SMBs simply cannot afford to overlook the telephone – along with all of the potentially actionable metadata that phone calls can provide, such as which ad the caller is responding to, the call’s geographic region, whether the customer is new or returning and much more.”

Tracking phone calls does provide an opportunity to gather a wealth of unique knowledge about your leads. In addition to tracking the phone calls you’re getting from each of your marketing sources, you can also use technology to record calls, and to track other conversions like emails and forms from your website.

Through ReachLocal’s lead conversion software ReachEdge, you have the ability to track exactly which source each lead is coming from so you can use that information to tailor your marketing strategies to what’s really working for your business.

Plus, the ReachEdge app provides a way for you to connect with leads in real time so you aren’t missing out on customers. According to MediaPost, “more than 10% of people make phone inquiries on a Saturday,” and another 10% of customers make calls between 5 and 8 p.m. when the majority of businesses are closed. Through the ReachEdge app, you would receive a notification that you got a call from a lead – providing you with the ability to get in touch with them before they contact one of your competitors.

Information like why people are calling a business, when they’re calling, and how they found the business’ number is “indispensable when it comes to allocating marketing budgets across all the different available platforms,” according to MediaPost. And we agree. Through ReachEdge’s call tracking and call recording feature, we can access this information and tailor clients’ campaigns based on the information provided.

So, the next time you’re wondering whether or not your marketing budget is actually working, ask yourself about the kinds of calls you’re getting and whether or not you can trace that back directly to one of your marketing initiatives. If you’re using ReachEdge, these are the kinds of questions you’ll be able to answer.


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