Tips to Grow Your Email List

Grow Your Email Marketing List

If you’re like most local business owners, you put lots of your time, money (probably both) into crafting a fantastic email newsletter on a regular basis. But while you’re tinkering with graphics, snappy headlines, or calendar dates, what are you doing to actively grow your customer email list? After all, the success of your email marketing is directly tied to how many people it reaches.

Marketing Profs recently posted a great blog entry, 10 Tips for Building a Revenue-Generating Mailing List for Email Marketing. It touches on some basic DOs, like asking at the point of sale, or consider loyalty programs, polls, or contests to incentivize customers to hand over their email addresses.

But that valuable email address could be used for a lot more – within reason, of course. Once you’ve set up and created profiles on popular social networking sites, search for your customers there using their email address. Don’t just rely on the inbox as the only digital destination for your business messages! Instead, take the same content from your email newsletters and chop it up into bite-size chunks to post on social networks. As a general rule, smaller messages get read (and passed along) much more easily and quickly on social networks.

Plus, many social media sites offer you a deeper view into the life of your business messages. If something is re-tweeted on Twitter, you can see what that message was, and who passed it along. That makes rewarding your loyal customers (your new business evangelists!) much easier.

How are you currently gathering email addresses from both new and existing customers?


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