Top 10 Online Marketing Posts of 2011

Top Blogs of 2011

2011 has been a big year full of new technologies, techniques and tactics in the ever-changing online marketing space. As you prepare to enter a new year full of new opportunities for your business, take a look at some of the most popular Reachlocal blog tips of 2011 and think about how you can apply these strategies in the new year:

1) Don’t Just Build a Website – Build a Web Presence. Today, there are many ways a consumer can find your local business online. Some consumers will visit a trusted review site or local directory before a search engine. Others may ask their social networks for suggestions. To make sure your business name is included in all these conversations, you need a complete web presence optimization strategy.
How Do Customers Find You Online? Hint: It’s Not Just Your Website

2) Learn How Google Plus Can Impact Your SEO. Google caused quite a sensation earlier this year with the launch of their social network, Google Plus. But would posts on the network affect how the search giant handles search engine requests or online advertising?
How Google Plus Could Impact Online Advertising and SEO

3) Convert Visitors to Your Website into Customers. Search engine advertising, display advertising, and social media and content marketing may drive more traffic to your website. But what are you doing to capture those leads once they’re there? To increase conversion rates, your website must drive consumers to take some kind of action, whether that’s completing a phone call, email, or web form.  This post features five best practices to implement right away for better conversion rates on your website.
5 Ways to Improve Conversion Rates on Your Website

4) Be Sure to Bid on Your Local Business Name in Search Engine Advertising. If you already “own” your business name, why bid on it? Well for starters, your competitors may already be bidding on your name! Big brands like Amazon, Molly Maid and Domino’s Pizza bid on their business names because they know it’s an affordable way to dominate the page and control their brand message. This post highlights a few more compelling reasons why local business owners should be sure to bid on their business name, too.
PPC: 7 Reasons to Bid on Your Business Name

5) Align Your Business with Google’s Local Focus. Early in the year, Google began making some significant updates, features and changes to product offerings, all with a focus on the local space. ReachLocal Co-Founder and President Nathan Hanks created a presentation on Slideshare to take a closer look at the details with some suggestions for local business owners everywhere.
Google’s Local Strategy & What It Means For Your SMB

6) Steer Clear of Scams on Facebook. With the undeniable popularity of this social network among most consumers and businesses, scammers all over the globe regularly scour the site for unsuspecting targets. This post highlights three of the most common scams that pop up on Facebook.
3 Facebook Scam Scenarios to Avoid

7) Don’t Offer Financial Incentives When Asking For Reviews. One key tactic towards improving the online reputation for your business is simply to ask customers to leave reviews on key sites like Google Places, Yelp, and more. But the FTC has made it very clear that bribing customers with cash, discounts or other goodies can land you in very hot water. This post takes a closer look at this new rule and how to avoid getting into trouble while still encouraging fans to spread the good word about your brand.
Paying For Reviews = Breaking the Rules

8) Rethink the Consumer Buying Process. The Purchase Funnel, or Buying Funnel, is a familiar model when it comes to traditional marketing. But now that the Web has changed the way consumers find businesses, it’s time to rethink the paths your consumers take to find your business online. Our Senior VP of Marketing Todd Ebert explains the new Consumer Buying Process in a video interview and presentation that underscores the crucial need for a holistic web presence approach.
What Does the Consumer Buying Process Look Like For Your Business?

9) Get Discovered Online With an Optimized Web Presence. By now, you know that having a static website is no longer enough to be seen by consumers searching for your products or services online. Now, you need a strategy that targets multiple sites, a fresh stream of multimedia content, and regular maintenance of your online reputation. Or, as we like to say around here at ReachLocal, a total web presence strategy.
Home, Home on the Web: Web Presence 101

10) Know Your Mobile Stats. Theuse of mobile devices is on the rise for consumers – and the way your potential customers are consuming digital information on-the-go may have a significant impact on your local online marketing strategy going forward. Ten fast facts about mobile from our Web Presence Factbook will steer you in the direction of a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.
Steal These Stats: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mobile

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