Top 10 ReachCast Blog Posts of 2010

Top 10 Blog Posts

As we celebrate the holiday season and begin to count down to 2011, we want to take a moment to look back on 2010. It’s been a great year here at ReachLocal, and we’re excited about the recent official launch of ReachCast and  looking forward to everything the new year has in store. In the last few months, 2010 also saw the launch of this blog. What’s been big on the blog this year? Here’s a rundown of our most popular posts:

1. Keeping Up With Google Part 1: The Rapidly Changing World Of Search Discovery For Small Businesses
This year has brought a lot of change to the search landscape, and these changes will have a huge impact on online marketing for local businesses. ReachCast GM Alex Hawkinson explores in depth a slew of changes that search giant Google has put in place as well as what these changes may mean for search discovery.

2. 10 Ways Small Business Owners Can Use Facebook Groups
When Facebook launched a new feature that allows users to create small groups of friends, we put together a list of 10 unique ideas for how small businesses could use the feature for everything from marketing to communicating with employees.

3. Keeping Up With Google Part Two: 4 Critical Things Small Businesses Should Do To Keep Up With The Changes
In part two of this series, Alex Hawkinson discusses what Google’s latest changes mean for the world of online marketing and shares how ReachLocal is helping small businesses build and optimize their Web Presence to address these emerging needs.

4. Does Quality Content Really Drive Sales?
Every marketing tactic needs to provide return on investment. In this post, we explore the case of a small business who, using the ReachCast service, experienced an increase in sales as a result of content marketing.

5. #Fail: 10 Online Reputation Management Mistakes From 2010
Online reputation management has grown in importance this year. So, we put together a list of top mistakes from both big and small businesses, along with pointers on how you can avoid them yourself.

6. 5 Things Small Business Owners Should Never Blog Tweet, Or Facebook
Getting started using social media is exciting – but it can be overwhelming for small businesses. This post outlines five big things no SMB should ever share via social media.

7. Do You Make These Newbie Twitter Mistakes?
New to Twitter? Make sure you aren’t making any of these common Twitter mistakes, like not adding a photo or talking only about yourself.

8. 7 Deadly Sins Of Customer Service For Small Business
In today’s digital age, online reputation management is important for any business. But it’s important to remember that your small business reputation online can be a reflection of your business in person. So, this post outlines seven big customer service mistakes small businesses make that can end up hurting their reputation online.

9. 4 Compelling Reasons Every SMB Should Claim Their Local Listings
A variety of free tools can help your small business get discovered more easily online. This post talks about why you should claim your local business listings on sites like Google and Bing.

10. Are Your Customers Being Lured Away From Your Business?
Another reason you should claim local listings: if you don’t, crafty competitors could benefit. This post shares the case of one ReachCast client whose Google Places listing had been claimed by a competitor, and how our Web Presence Professionals team helped address the problem.

Have you had a favorite post from this year? Let us know by sharing in the comments section!



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