9 Can’t-Miss Marketing Tips from Our Most Popular Posts Ever

What are some of the top marketing tips we’ve ever shared on the ReachLocal blog? We looked at the numbers on our top content and put together this roundup of important digital marketing advice that you need to know today. Here’s a look at the top marketing tips from our most popular posts of all time:

1. Optimize Your Display Campaigns with Clear Calls to Action

One of our most popular posts of all time shares the five most important elements of a great display advertising campaign. Taking the time to make sure your display advertising call to action is strong is a critical piece of building a great display campaign. Arguably, the call to action is the most important piece of your display ad. So, make sure it clearly articulates what you want the viewer to do, and check out the rest of our tips for building an effective display advertising campaign.

2. Spend More Time Writing Better Email Subject Lines

Typically, people spend the least amount of time on the most important part of any email they use in their marketing: the subject line. In reality, you should flip that equation. It’s important to spend more time on your email subject line than the rest of its content because if your subject line isn’t compelling enough for the receiver to open it, you’ve lost your opportunity to influence them further with your beautiful, persuasive email experience. Check out the full post to get 15 effective email subject line formulas you can use today.

3. Identify Your Target Audience By Asking Questions

Knowing your target audience for your marketing can help you build more effective, appealing, and engaging programs that ultimately help you get more out of your marketing budget. You can start identifying your target audience by asking yourself the classic 5 Ws: who, what, when, where, and why. Check out the full post to learn more about how each of these questions can help you understand the audience your marketing should be focused on.

4. Optimize Your YouTube Video Titles, Descriptions & Tags to Boost SEO

Video content is more popular than ever before, and videos posted to YouTube (which is owned by Google), have a great shot at showing up in search engines for important keywords. So, make sure you’re optimizing the title, description, and tags for every video you post there. Learn more details about each of these elements and how to boost your video SEO in this popular post.

5. Follow Up with Hot Leads Immediately

Driving more leads from your marketing is important. But just as important is following up with critical leads – fast. Research shows that those who follow up with leads first often win the client, so having a system in place that helps you identify and follow up with leads is critical. In this post, we help you understand exactly what a “hot lead” looks like by identifying 5 types of leads you need to follow up with – right now.

6. Use Live Chat Technology to Engage Site Visitors, Reach Customers & Get Leads

A website is an important piece of the marketing puzzle for any local business, and live website chat can be a great way to get even more value from your website. In this post, we share how live chat helped real local businesses boost their results by engaging visitors, reaching customers, and converting more website visitors into leads.

7. Empower Your Team to Resolve Customer Complaints

Dealing with a customer complaint can be tricky for any business. In this post, we share seven tips for recovering from a bad customer experience. Typically, when customers complain, they want someone to listen, so taking time to thoughtfully consider their complaint can go a long way in resolving the issue. In addition to responding promptly and professionally, one powerful tip in this article is to empower your team to resolve customer experience issues as much as possible. Train your staff on how to handle customer service complaints and empower them with resolutions to the most common issues that arise. This not only reduces the time you’ll have to spend getting involved, it also is a more customer-friendly approach, ensuring they can get to a resolution quickly and seamlessly.

8. Make Sure Your Website is User-Friendly Across All Devices

As consumer behaviors continue to evolve, so do marketing best practices, particularly when it comes to building an effective website. Many of the tried-and-true tips for building a fantastic website remain in place, like making your contact information prominent and easy to find. But today, it’s even more important to provide a great, mobile-friendly user experience. Not only does this help your site be more effective and appealing to visitors regardless of what type of device they are on, it also helps your site perform better on search engines, which are putting even more emphasis on user experience. What else should you make sure your website has? Check out the rest of our popular post that shares 10 essentials every local business website needs.

9. Google Yourself to Boost Your Results

Have you ever Googled your business to see what shows up when people search online? Did you know that precisely how and where you conduct that search can yield varying results? Make sure you’re Googling your business the right way. Check out this post on how to Google your business to learn how this can help you enhance your web presence.

What’s Your Top Local Marketing Tip?

What’s the best tip you’ve read about local online marketing lately? What tried-and-true advice would you share with other local marketers? Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment!

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