Top PPC Advertising Trends & Tips From our #5in15 Webinar

Search Engine Updates to Know for PPC Advertising

If you have a PPC advertising strategy in place for your business, you may have seen the recent changes and user behaviors that are impacting your campaigns. In our recent 5 in 15 webinar, ReachLocal search marketing expert Devon Anderson covered some of the biggest search engine updates this year and what local businesses can do about them.

1. Make the Most of Fewer Ads on Google

Google search engine update right rail ads

Although Google recently removed right hand side ads from web searches to streamline the desktop and mobile experience for users, PPC advertising is still an important and effective marketing strategy for local businesses. For businesses that have noticed or worry about the impact this update can have to their search advertising campaigns, there are a

2. Up Your Local Search Game with Ads

Search advertising updates local map ads


Local search has always been a huge part of helping businesses get leads from search engines. And, they can get even more from their strategy now that ads and promoted pins are being featured in Maps and Local Finder results on Google. It’s easy to maximize your ads for local search:

  • Add location extensions to your Google search ads. Having this enabled is the only way for your ads to appear in their local Maps results on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Location extensions are only available to businesses that are set up on Google My Business, so make sure your business is set up there and that your local information is up to date.

3. Optimize for Expanded Text Ads

Search advertising updates expanded text ads

Earlier this year, Google announced a new ad format for all PPC campaigns. This forced search engine update will impact all advertisers, so it’s important to know what expanded text ads are, and to start prepping your ads now for the change, which includes a longer headline and description. Our expert recommends the following best practices:

  • Write great ad copy. With more space to convey your message (and fewer ads), focus on communicating the value of your business to prospective buyers.
  • Evaluate your search advertising based on conversions, like calls and web forms, not just clicks. This can help you truly find the best keywords and search engines for your budget.
  • Update your ads on all publishers, since this search engine update will likely have an impact beyond Google.

Have you noticed any other search engine updates that will impact your PPC strategy?

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5 Search Marketing Trends You Need to Know

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