Top Social Media and SEO Tips from 2011

Top Social Media and SEO Tips from 2011

The last year has brought a lot of big changes to the social media and search landscape, from Internet giant Google launching its social media platform Google Plus to Facebook making major changes to its business pages. While there are many new things to keep in mind when it comes to marketing your local business online through social media, there are also many best practices that form the foundation for building your business web presence. So, we put together a list of some of our top social media and web presence optimization tips from this year based on our most popular posts!

1) Engage Social Fans & Followers by Asking Questions. Using questions in your content marketing and social media programs is a great way to get people talking with your business online. You can use questions to write interesting headlines, create surveys and polls for your blog, and start conversations on social media sites like Facebook, to get people talking and engaging with your business. We shared five types of questions you can ask along with some tips to make your questions more engaging in this post:
How To: Ask Questions that Get People Talking Online

2) Showcase The Life of Your Business with Online Video. Creating and posting online videos on your website, blog, social media profiles, and video sites is a great way to show what your business is all about and drive engagement with consumers. You can create videos that feature employees or customers, product tutorials, expert interviews, customer testimonials and more. We created this list of 10 types of online videos small businesses can create and share– with a real life example of each video type from one of our ReachCast clients!
10 Online Video Ideas You Can Use to Promote Your Small Business

3) Fuel Your Web Presence with Quality Content. Content is an important part of using social media to market your business – but it can be daunting to start! Check out this post with 35 customizable blog post headlines you can use to start blogging about your business:
Steal These Headlines: 35 Blog Post Ideas for Your Local Business

4) Optimize Content for Local Keywords to Drive Local Search Discovery.A critical component of building an effective web presence is search engine optimization. To make sure local searchers find your content on search engines, it’s important to use local keywords in your blog and social media posts. We put together this primer on local SEO keyword and content tips:
Your Guide to Local SEO Content Basics

5) Use Google Plus to Promote Your Business Online. Google Plus is a new social media platform that offers the ability to share public posts, which can be indexed and discovered on Google’s search engine. So, claiming and using both a personal profile and a business page to promote your business can help you build your web presence and get found in organic search results. Check out these articles on how to use both types of Google Plus pages to promote your business online:
Google Plus for Business: How to Use Your Personal Profile
How to Set Up & Optimize Google Plus Local Business Pages

6) Claim and Optimize Your Google Place Page. Google Place pages got somemajor overhauls this year, and having a search-optimized Google Place page is even more important to your web presence strategy for  getting seen by local consumers online. We shared this popular post on how to optimize your Google Places page for search engine optimization:
HOW TO: Optimize Your Google Places Page for SEO & Search Discovery

7) Make the Most of Your Facebook Business Page. This year, Facebook launched an update to both personal profiles and business pages that featured more images and interaction. So, check out these tips for getting more engagement and likes for  business Facebook page to drive even more engagement on social media:
The New Facebook Pages: 10 Things You Need to Know
5 Ways to Use New Facebook Page Features to Get More Likes

8) Understand the Rules for Contests on Social Sites. Contests and promotions are a popular way to drive engagement and interaction on social media sites. But, did you know that Facebook has its own guidelines for running contests and promotions? As a local business, it’s important to follow these guidelines to remain compliant with Facebook as you roll out contests to your potential and existing customers. We outlined their new policy earlier this year:
Facebook Contest Rules: New Guidelines You Need to Know

9) Reward your Fans and Followers Creatively. You can reward and recognize consumers who follow your business on social media sites to thank your current customers – and help convert new ones! It can be challenging to think of creative ways to reward your fans and followers, so we thought of seven ideas you can use in this post:
7 Ways to Reward Your Facebook & Twitter Followers

10) Follow Twitter Best Practices to Grow Followers and Boost Engagement. Twitter has become a prominent social media site for brands and individuals alike. So, we shared several best practices to make sure you know the ins and outs of this platform as well as tips for growing your followers on the site:
15 Tips to Increase Twitter Followers for your Local Business
Do You Make these Newbie Twitter Mistakes?

11) Deal with Negative Social Media Comments Effectively. The nature of social media makes it difficult to control the conversation about your brand online. Whether or not your business is participating in , consumers can post reviews, write blog posts, or share status updates and tweets on social media sites about your business any time. So it’s important to know how to address and respond to negative comments, mentions, and more  about your brand, especially on social sites like Twitter.
How To: Respond to a Negative Twitter Reply or Complaint

12) Claim Your Business on Foursquare. Over the year, location-based services have come and gone, but Foursquare is still leading the pack in with the largest user base for standalone location-based apps. Claiming your business listing on Foursquare is a great way to connect with customers who already love your brand and share special offers to get more customers.
How to Claim your Local Business on Foursquare
HOW TO: Create a Foursquare Special for Your Local Business

13) Create a Company Profile for your Business on LinkedIn. As one of the top sites for professional social networking, LinkedIn is growing and offering more opportunities for businesses to use the site and connect with consumers. One way to do this is to set up a company profile for your business, which we outlined in this post:
LinkedIn Tips: Using a Company Profile for Your Business

14) Understand Web Presence Optimization. What does all of this add up to? By claiming your business across social media profiles and local listings, creating and sharing interesting, search-optimized content about your business online, and engaging with local consumers on social media, you can optimize your web presence to build your brand online.. Learn more about web presence optimization in this post:
What is Web Presence Optimization?

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