Top Tech Gadgets Small Business Owners Want for Christmas

Tech Gadgets

With the holidays right around the corner, many small business owners are eyeing new tech gadgets that can help improve their productivity and increase their ability to stay connected in today’s digital, real-time world. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or have someone else in mind, here are some great tech gadgets for the small business owner’s holiday wish list:

1. iPhone 4 or Samsung Epic
As far as tech gadgets go, the hot mobile market is naturally our first stop. After all, a recent comScore report from October stated that 1 in 4 mobile phone users in the US have a smart phone. And while some users have loyalty to certain manufacturers, these are the two hottest and most powerful smart phones on the market right now. The Apple and Android marketplaces house plenty of apps for both work and play, while both handsets boast unique features that are sure to please any user. Whether you prefer the iPhone’s sleek design and user interface or the Epic’s fast processor and hard QWERTY keyboard, smart phones like these are a great way to manage multimedia files with ease and stay connected. Smart phones can not only help you manage your business thanks to a variety of business-friendly apps, they can also connect you directly to social media sites for marketing your business online.

2. FlipCam HD
When it comes to creating quality content online, videos bring your business to life like nothing else. So make sure you’re showcasing your products, services, facilities and staff/team  in action! A crisp HD picture can make your amateur video clips look that much more professional. Plus, the portability of the FlipCam ensures you can take this tech gadget wherever you go, so you can always capture a great video when the opportunity arises.

3.  Mobile Payments: iPhone Mophie Case 3G & 3GS and Square
Want to really impress your customers? Redefine “point-of-sale” and start accepting credit card payments on your iPhone – seriously! These tech gadgets give you the power to accept payments wherever you and your phone go, which is perfect when you’re away from the office or onsite with a customer. The Mophie case has the added benefit of protecting your iPhone, but if you don’t want to bulk up your phone, then Square might be the tech gadget for you. Square lets you accept and process credit card payments on the go, plus it has the added bonus of attaching to either an iPhone or an iPad. And unlike the Mophie case, there are no monthly fees or contracts with Square, so it’s ideal if you want to proceed a bit more cautiously when it comes to new tech gadgets.

4. Jawbone Bluetooth headsets
There are plenty of compelling reasons to get a wireless headset for your mobile phone: talking and driving is dangerous (and in many places, illegal!), and multitasking’s much easier when you can use both of your hands – even at your desk. And while there are many options available from many manufacturers, the products from Jawbone consistently get rave reviews all across the Web and feature sleek, tasteful designs that can be downright stylish.

5. MiFi® Mobile Hotspot Card
Designed to work with a number of wireless network providers, the MiFi card can support multiple users, work with any WiFi-enabled device, and is smaller than a deck of cards. For many small business owners, accessing the Internet anywhere is no longer a luxury but a necessity, making this tech gadget a must-have.

6. iPad, Kindle and nook
The e-reader market has only gotten more competitive over the years, which is a boon to small business owners who want to compare different features or price points. These space-saving tech gadgets make it easy to take your entire library wherever you go so you never have an excuse to not catch up on some reading.

7. Roku
According to a recent Forrester stat, the average U.S. consumer now spends as much time online as watching television. But that doesn’t mean we’re watching less TV – It means we’re supplementing our media diet with formats and types that only the Internet can deliver. Digital media is how we stay informed and entertained, but keeping up with it all shouldn’t feel like a full-time job. That’s where Roku, a digital multimedia tech gadget, comes in. Whether you want to stream a movie whenever you want, relax to some Internet radio like Pandora, or see what’s new on Hulu, just sit back and relax, because Roku can handle almost all your digital media needs.

Is there a tech gadget on your wishlist that we didn’t cover here? Let us know what you’re really hoping for this holiday season in a comment.

Angela Epley writes about online advertising, web presence, and digital retention for the ReachLocal blog, which focuses on small business online marketing strategies.


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