True Story: Quality Content Brings in Leads and Sales

According to the Web Presence Lifecycle, posting quality content is a critical first step any local business needs to take in order to improve search and social discoverability across the Internet. But what does that mean, exactly? Well, content that a lot of people find valuable tends to get shared and passed around from person to person and network to network. And thanks to hyperlinks, retweets, and other markers that show who passed what along, it’s easy to trace back a piece of quality content to the original poster.

Of course, it’s all theory and charts until a real world example comes along. So let’s look at how posting a single piece of quality content led to a lead – and a sale.

1.       ReachLocal IMC Brian Brown posted the social media video above to his Facebook page, where his posts are visible to friends, family members and professional contacts.

2.       The video traveled from network to network because several people who watched it found it worth sharing with their friends, family members and colleagues.

3.       A local realtor, Mark Arbeit, saw the video in his network and liked it so much he tracked down the original poster, Brian, to arrange a meeting discussing social media and how it might help his business.

4.       The meeting went well. So well, in fact, that Mark decided to begin working with Brian, starting with two of our most popular products: ReachSearch™ and TotalLiveChat™.

This was over a year ago. And what have the results been since then? Here’s what Mark has to say about his entire experience working with ReachLocal:

As a satisfied client of ReachLocal for over a year now, I rely on the council of my IMC Brian Brown for his guidance and advise to improve and enhance my Web Presence and buyer capture rate in my market. Recently, Brian recommended that I add ReachLocal’s new TotalLiveChat solution to my website. Within a week of launching the program I began receiving leads emailed directly to my email inbox. More importantly, within the first month I was able to turn two of those leads into “real” buyers, in which the commission I earned from the first sale will cover all my costs of services from ReachLocal for the coming year. Better yet, these two sales were on my own listings. I discovered ReachLocal on the Internet in connection to an article shared on Facebook about the important of Social Media. I not only rely on ReachLocal as a company with an excellent product, but as a staff of individuals with an eye and a vision on the future for me and my business goals.

With a Lifetime Customer Value like Mark’s, his success with ReachLocal was solidified in a single sale. But it all ultimately began with a piece of quality content: a single video that took only seconds to post.

Have you ever seen quality leads or sales come from quality content of your own? Share your story in a comment.

Angela Epley writes about online advertising, web presence, and digital retention as the lead blogger for ReachLocal’s blog, which focuses on small business online marketing strategies.


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