Turn Up the Results: 6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Web Presence

Your web presence is an essential piece of your total digital marketing strategy, helping you to build your brand and drive more leads to your business. To create a great web presence, you need to focus on having a modern business website, active social media pages, and optimized local listings.

If you’re looking for effective ways to boost your current web presence, these six tips will do the trick. Each one is valuable on its own, but together they can help you get even more leads and customers.

Get More Out of Your Website

1. Give website visitors the information they need.

Did you know that 50 percent of potential sales are lost because consumers can’t find the information they’re looking for on a business’ website? And while clean and simple websites can be lovely to look at, they need to be balanced with the right amount of information about your business. Too little information will likely drive website visitors to your competitors’ websites.

Boost your website’s appeal so it gets you more leads and customers by adding the information visitors want (and need) to see, including:

  • Business phone number at the top of each page of your website with a clear call-to-action
  • A clearly stated value proposition
  • Your location or service area along with a map
  • Days and hours of operation
  • Product and service details
  • Pricing information

2. Give website visitors additional ways to reach you.

Some prospects visiting your website might not be able to call you to take the next step in their sales journey. But providing additional ways for them to contact you can help you from losing them altogether. Adding your email address, a contact form (also called “web form”) and live chat to your website are three options to consider. They’ll help your prospects contact you while giving you additional ways to collect their contact information for immediate follow-up.

Get More Out of Your Social Media Marketing

3. Respond to social media comments.

A quick and easy way to get the most out of your social media pages is to set time aside each day to monitor and respond to any posts and comments by your fans and followers. This can range from thanking new followers to addressing and rectifying any customer service complaints. (If a complaint requires a lengthy discussion, let the person know that you’d like to take the conversation offline. Then ask them to send their contact information to you in a private message so you can follow up.) Consistently engaging with your fans and followers demonstrates great customer service on your part. It also helps you to rectify any customer service problems before they escalate — a win for both sides!

4. Update your business information on social profiles.

Any time your company goes through a major change, you should update your social media pages. For instance, if you’ve moved to a new address, opened additional locations, or changed phone numbers or your website URL, make sure you take the time to update the information on your pages. The last thing you want to do is give your visitors and fans outdated information, especially if it means missing a lead because they couldn’t get in touch with you. If people searching for you find your social pages in search results, you’ll want that information to be accurate.

Get More Out of Your Local Listings

5. Claim your local listings.

Claiming your company page on local business directories like Google+ Local, Bing Places for Business, CitySearch, and others is a great way to boost your online presence. Doing so provides online searchers with the helpful information they’re looking for about your business, such as your physical address, phone number, and website URL. These directories can also help improve your offsite SEO because search engines often populate high-ranking search results with business listings. And when people see your business listings in their search results, they’re more likely to visit your website.

With dozens of online business directories available, claiming and optimizing each listing can be time consuming for any business owner. If you’re thinking of listing your business on these online directories but don’t have time, consider using a service to help you.

6. Update your business information as needed.

Just like with your social media pages, your business listings should be revised any time you move, change phone numbers, or add additional company locations. The last thing you want is for people looking up your business information to read outdated information.

Getting more from your web presence doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Just put these six tips into action and you’ll be on your way to getting better results from your website, social media, and business listings.

How do you get the most out of your web presence? Let us know with a comment below!




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