Update Your Text Ads For Spring & Summer Search

Update your text ads to boost search advertising performance

It’s officially spring (even though in some parts of the country it may not feel like it), and you might have started spring cleaning in and around your home or business. But have you thought about refreshing your online marketing, too? One way to start is by updating the text ads you’re using for your search engine advertising campaigns.

Because people are often searching for something they need or want right away, it’s important that your text ads are timely, relevant, and compelling enough so that consumers want to click your search ad and visit your website. Here are three ideas for updating your text ads with spring and summer searchers in mind.

Update Old Holiday Promotions

Taking the time to update your search advertising campaigns is especially important if your business advertised holiday or special occasion promotions that are now over. For example, florists often run ads leading up to Valentine’s Day, so they should update their text ads with messaging that reflects more timely events, like Mother’s Day and the upcoming prom, graduation, and wedding season. When it comes to refreshing your own text ads for spring and summer, first make sure you aren’t advertising outdated specials or promotions that have ended. Then, see if there are any upcoming holidays or seasonal events you can leverage to create new offers and promotions.

Promote Seasonal Services

If your products and services are seasonal in nature, update your text ads with services that a consumer will likely search for in the spring and summer. For example, if you’re an HVAC company and your text ad promotes “Fast Heating Repair in Dallas,” you should update your ad to reflect your air conditioning services instead, since consumers are more likely to be searching for them. Even if your business isn’t seasonal, you may want to target consumers with the products and services they’re likely to search for in the upcoming months. For example, if you’re a home remodeling company, you might focus on advertising deck and patio installations. Or if you’re a daycare provider, you can promote your summer camps for older kids. Take a quick scan of your existing text ads and see if there’s anything seasonal you can take advantage of to appeal to searchers looking for specific offerings this spring and summer.

Optimize Your Text Ads to Drive Visits

While you’ve got spring cleaning on the brain, it’s a good idea to examine your overall text ad strategy and make sure your PPC ads are optimized to generate clicks and visits. Make sure that all of your text ads (seasonal or not) target local searchers, and that the copy is relevant to your campaign’s keywords. For example, if you’re a local gym bidding on keywords related to summer fitness boot camps, make sure your text ads include content specific to the camps in your local area, rather than a generic message about your gym’s facility. You can also include geo-targeted terms and a strong CTA in each text ad to drive action. It’s also important that your ads offer helpful information to searchers, like additional links to your website, a link to your Google+ page, or directions to your business using ad extensions, which can help you drive even more clickthroughs on your ad.

Ready, Set, Refresh!

Now that you have a plan for updating your text ads, it’s time to get to work. Remember to include current, seasonal offers or promotions, write text ad copy that is relevant to your keywords and to local searchers, and use ad extensions that help drive more visits to your business.

How are you planning to update other parts of your online marketing for the spring and summer seasons?

Let us know your ideas in a comment below!

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