Warm Up Your Online Marketing This Holiday With These 5 Engagement Tips

With the growth of social media, it’s easier than ever before to engage with customers on a regular basis. This engagement provides you with unique insight into why your customers choose your business, but more importantly it gives you an opportunity to speak with them in a scalable way. However, for many business owners, it can sometimes seem intimidating to use social media to engage with customers.

The following are five engagement tips that will help you build the know-how and confidence to interact with your customers on social media, so you can warm up your presence online this holiday season!


1. Engage Your Customers by Asking for Their Feedback

This one is as simple as it sounds. Just by asking your customers for feedback about your products and services, customer service quality, etc, helps you engage with them in a meaningful way. It also helps build your company’s presence among your target market. Asking engaging questions like this lets them know you care what they think and provides you with insights into what consumers want from your business. And don’t panic if there are any responses about what consumers don’t like about your business. Instead, be professional and understanding with your responses (here are some additional tips to help you out with these negative comments).


2. Actively Respond to Inquiries on Social Media

Social media provide a great customer service outlet for Millennials in particular, but it is effective for an increasing number of other age groups, as well. When your customers ask questions or otherwise engages with you on social media, be sure to respond as quickly as possible with friendly and useful information. The more like a conversation the exchange is, the better.


3. Use Analytics to See Which Posts and Links Are Most Popular

Facebook, Twitter and Google are just three of the major platforms that allow you to see exactly what types of posts and keywords drive the most traffic to your website (or wherever else you are trying to drive traffic). By determining which topics drive traffic, you are also learning what topics interest your audience. This in turn provides an opportunity to more specifically engage your customers and create new content that will interest them.


4. Create a Community With Your Customers

There is so much more you can do with Facebook than simply posting status updates and links to articles. Engage your customers by making them a part of your company! This can be done in countless ways, largely dependent on what type of company you have. For example, images are a great way to drive engagement with social media fans. You can post pictures asking for captions, share albums of special events your business sponsored or supported, or “before” and “after” photos of your work. You can also post specific questions that insight. Think outside the box!


5. Don’t Spam!

Make sure to keep all your social media posts relevant to your business and to your audience. If you spam people relentlessly with aggressive sales messages, this can cause your posts to be downgraded by Facebook’s algorithm, meaning your posts will be seen by fewer people than if you stuck to high-quality posts. Posting just for the sake of posting can cause your followers to tune out, or worse, unfollow/defriend you completely.

Ultimately, social media is far more than just another marketing tool. It gives you the opportunity to have warm, personal interactions with your customers in a practical way. This holiday season, warm up your customers with some friendly and creative social media marketing ideas!

How do you engage with your customers and social media audience during the holidays? Let us know with a comment below.


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