Warning: Your Blog is Not Being Read by Anyone

Your Blog's Not Being Read

You’ve seen how social media and blogs are great ways for small businesses to engage consumers and current customers. You’ve heard that content marketing is a great way to drive sales.

You’ve seen the statistics, like Technorati’s recent State of the Blogosphere report, which showed that the influence of blogs is continuing to grow. In fact, about 40% of consumers surveyed said they generally agree with the views of bloggers, and their trust in mainstream media is declining.

So, you decided that now is the time for you to join the blogosphere and start publishing.

But how can you make sure that your blog is actually being read? Try these five tips to avoid having a blog that nobody reads.

1) Tell People About It. One of the biggest mistakes new bloggers make is to launch a blog and expect people to come to it in droves – for no particular reason. No matter how well-written your posts are, people won’t read them if they don’t know they exist! So, tell people – like current customers, friends, family, and contacts – about your blog when you launch it, and invite them to join the conversation and subscribe to updates via RSS. To spread the word, you can e-mail contacts, post the link to your social media profiles, and consider adding the link to your business cards, ads, or email signature.

2) Tell Search Engines About It. Another big mistake many new bloggers make is to hide their site from search engines – whether intentionally or unintentionally. Making sure your blog is search friendly is an important way to gain readers – both now and in the future. Search engines love dynamic content, so blogs are a great way to boost your search discovery. Also, submitting your site to blog directories can help search engines find your blog online. So, invest some time in making sure your blog is search friendly and optimized.

3) Promote It via Social Media. Blogging and social media go hand-in-hand. In fact, the State of the Blogosphere report noted that social media are now one of the top ways bloggers are sharing their posts with readers, and the line between blogging and social media is disappearing. So, make sure that you are promoting your blog via social media by proactively sharing each post you write with your fans and followers. And, use a blogging platform that easily integrates social sharing through re-tweet buttons and Facebook like plugins, encouraging readers to share your posts with their social networks, too.

4) Coordinate Your Web Presence. As you begin investing in blogging and social media marketing, make sure your web presence is coordinated. If you’ve invested time, money, and energy building a killer small business website, make sure that you use it to promote your blog. For example, you can embed your blog posts directly on your site so that visitors can see and interact with your latest articles, offers, and tips directly from your site.

5) Frequently Share Interesting Content & Expertise. One of the biggest challenges new bloggers face is the age-old question: what should I write about? This can become a huge obstacle in maintaining readership over time. Not only is it important to create interesting, shareworthy content, it’s critical to blog consistently to keep people coming back to your blog and not labeling it a ghost town. If you’re stuck trying to find ideas, check out these tips for creating shareworthy content to get started. By shaing interesting content like what’s going on in your store, you can begin to bring your business to life online.

Are you worried that your blog isn’t being read by anyone? Don’t worry too much. There are many benefits to blogging – even if no one reads it! Building a blog readership is something that happens gradually. So, start by using these tips – and keep on blogging! The more time you spend publishing, the more your readership – and your influence online – will increase.

Do you have any questions about creating a blog that people will read? Share them in the comments section.

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