What We’re Thankful For

What We're Thankful For
This year, we at ReachLocal have plenty to be thankful for, from new team members to new products to new opportunities to help local businesses. Here is a short list of some of our most memorable happenings.
Launching the New Corporate Website
Truly a team effort, we are thankful for the dedication and hard work of all those who helped with the new ReachLocal corporate website. Many late nights and long hours were spent on this project to present the full suite of services and the teams that get the results our clients want. Plus, an additional “Thank You” goes out to the teams and employees who volunteered to be the faces of ReachLocal. You bring life to our company and are better than any stock photography.
Generating New eBooks
There are plenty of projects on everyone’s plates, but we are thankful for the ability to provide new and useful ebooks and guides to our small business owner prospects and clients. These ebooks not only provide helpful information but really showcase our thought leadership in online marketing. If you have any topic ideas for an ebook, let us know in a comment!
Creating the “Local Marketing Minute” Newsletter
Another team effort project we are thankful for this year is the creation and distribution of the “Local Marketing Minute” newsletter. This newsletter delivers the latest ReachLocal articles, exclusive content, and news from other industry experts directly to your inbox. If you’d like to receive the Local Marketing Minute every month, sign up for it today!
Launching the Official ReachLocal App
We know how big of an impact mobile has on the way people access the Web today, including small business owners. So, we are thankful for the creation of the ReachLocal App. This app connects our clients to their online marketing results when they are on the go. From new leads to recorded phone calls to detailed performance reports, the ReachLocal App is great tool for local business owners.
Announcing ReachRetargeting for SMBs
This year, we released ReachRetargeting, a powerful online marketing tool that features two forms retargeting: site retargeting and search retargeting. With this product, local businesses can reach consumers online at the exact time their ready to buy.
Working with Amazing People
This year we chose a second ReachLocal Star Award recipient. This award recognizes one individual who represents the company and inspires others both professionally and personally. We received hundreds of nominations from offices across the globe, and in the end, awarded Ken Leicester the award for his work and service to his Australian teams. In addition to the star award, ReachLocal received lots of excellent reviews from employees, and great reviews about employees from many of our clients. All of this reminds us of how thankful we are to work with talented and generous people.
Having Great Readers, Fans & Followers
Last, but not least, we are grateful for all of those who read, comment, like, and share our content. And we look forward to continuing to provide you with more information and resources about online marketing!

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