What’s it Like to Intern at ReachLocal? Hear from This SEO Intern

At ReachLocal, we’re proud to work with a number of amazing interns throughout the year looking to get more experience in the digital marketing field. One of our interns, Meha Mandhana, was kind enough to sit down with us to talk about her experience interning with the SEO team in our Plano office.

Hi, Meha! Thanks so much for your time today. Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

I am currently wrapping up my master’s in marketing analytics at the University of Texas at Dallas and will be done this month. I am trying to build a career along the analytics, SEO, and digital marketing path. In my free time, I like to read, write (I write a lot), and take long walks. I also like clicking pictures and listening to music.

How did you hear about the ReachLocal internship, and what interested you most?

I saw an opening for a ReachLocal internship on my university job finding platform. ReachLocal is a dedicated digital marketing business, and who would understand the digital world better than that? It also involved a lot of skillsets I wanted to further develop and flexibility with regards to what I wanted to learn.

What has your time as an intern looked like?

It has been intense learning, every day. And I have been here for eight months, so you can imagine how much I must have learned! I have learned how businesses run locally, how important customer service is, and that numbers are very important. I have also learned SEO-specific tactics on a very deep level.

I was able to visit our India office, and there I understood how diverse and different our two teams are, and yet they manage to work in sync. The best part of this experience was the kind of trust and flexibility that my team put in me. They held me accountable and gave me a sense of belonging. It was equally important to how much I learned. My manager, Kalee Raisor, had numerous one-on-ones with me every other week without fail to understand how I wanted to grow, and I appreciate his patience with everything.

It is very rare that at this career level you get this kind of understanding and exposure.

Meha Mandhana, SEO Intern

What have you learned about SEO?

I learned that SEO is a very important prerequisite in today’s world. I have seen various businesses throughout my term grow because of the processes that the team incorporates here. And it is everchanging, because search engine algorithms are as well. It is very important as an analyst to stay up to date. In a world where everything you look for can be found on Google, it is important to come up when your customer looks for you. If they find you, they will stand behind you!

Why is it important for businesses to invest in SEO?

I personally look up anything and everything on Google. It is important to let your audience find you when they need to. The audience that is looking for you will convert, and most importantly, that is the audience that will stay. And SEO helps you do that. If your business has a website, it is important that it be visible to your demographic.

How has your internship prepared you for the future?

Throughout my term, I have carried out an analysis of a little over 150 reports, involving data analysis on multiple local businesses across the United States and Canada, and created dashboards to determine the growth trends on businesses. I have understood how seasonality affects business, and what are the several ways to move around in the digital marketing world so that it happens to make an impact that keeps the business going as usual. I think I’ll leave this internship with a lot of understanding as to how businesses work and grow.  

Most importantly I have learned that numbers are an important aspect of any business environment, and how just the right kind of math can save you. 

Tell us what it was like to work with the SEO team.

They were inclusive of me. It felt very empowering to be an intern here. Our manager, Kalee, invested a lot of time in us. Especially on me. Other than that, there was Rob, our SEO Director, he was always available to chat with us and help us anytime, despite having so much on his plate. I also worked on a few priority projects with Rob, and it was a lot of learning a short span of time.

What advice would you give to future ReachLocal interns?

Keep asking for work. The team here is never short of work to do, and they will give you something different to learn every time. Keep asking for feedback. Constructive criticism always helps you grow. Stay involved in the multiple trainings you have, and never shy away to ask for more accountability on your work, they always give you the trust you need.

Want to intern for ReachLocal? Check out our job listings here.

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