Why Fresh Content is More Important than Ever for SEO

Fresh Content

Sharing fresh content has been an important part of building your business Web presence for a while. But, thanks to recent changes to the online marketing landscape, content is now more important than ever when it comes to getting found online. Here’s an overview of some of the recent changes to Google and other platforms that emphasize the importance of creating and sharing high-quality, fresh content, and some tips to keep in mind.

Search Engines Emphasize Content Freshness in Ranking

Google has launched several algorithm updates recently that have had a big impact on search engine optimization (SEO). For example, Google search includes a “recency” factor into search relevance criteria which is has weighted more, and it now penalizes content farms for producing low-quality content. Now, almost all search engines, not just Google, factor freshness of content into their search algorithms, making this an important component for SEO.

Tip: Understand and create fresh, valuable content.

Link-building Now Favors Fresh, Quality Content

In addition to emphasizing on fresh content, Google also looks at the quality of links coming to a page to help determine its rank in search. Recent algorithm updates make having high-quality links from reputable websites and posting high-value content more important than ever. And, SEO experts say that one of the best ways to build these kinds of high-value links online is to create fresh, quality content that other websites, blogs, and readers want to link to.

Tip: Share timely, linkable content.  

Social Search is Fed by Fresh Content

The launch of Google+, Google’s social network, emphasized the importance of social signals in search. Now, many search engines are including social signals into the way they rank content on search engines. And, social media is fed by fresh, sharable content. That’s because people are more likely to discover and subsequently share, engage with, like, or tweet new, fresh content.

Tip: Optimize your content for social sharing and engagement.  

Google Places Change to Google+ Local Emphasizes Fresh Content for SEO Optimization & Local Search 

One of the more recent changes that demonstrates the importance of fresh content for local marketing is the announcement that Google Place pages will now be integrated into Google+ as Google+ Local pages. Google has already switched former Place pages to a new format, and soon, they will launch additional changes that will make these formerly static listings interactive content hubs. Not only will business information on these pages be listed and surfaced on Google search and Google Maps, but soon, businesses will be able to share content and interact directly with their followers and customers there as well. This most likely means that sharing fresh content will become a critical part of optimizing your Google + Local listing for SEO.

Tip: Establish a content and sharing plan for Google+ Local.

These are just a few of the reasons that fresh content is now more important than ever for local online marketing. Do you have a content marketing plan in place for your local business? Are you ready for the changes that Google+ Local may have for optimizing your listings for search?

Share your thoughts about creating fresh content for your local online marketing strategy in a comment!

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