Why Quality Score Matters When Choosing a SEM Partner

For local business owners using search engine advertising, Quality Score can be one of the most confusing campaign components. To add to the confusion, there is a lot of speculation and misinformation, along with differing opinions about how to increase your campaign’s Quality Score and whether or not Quality Score is important to your advertising success. Read on to learn exactly what Quality Score means and the importance of working with a search marketing partner with a focus on achieving a top Quality Score for your advertising campaign.

What Does it Mean to Have a Good Quality Score?

In the simplest terms, a strong Google AdWords Quality Score indicates that you are providing a positive user experience to the viewers of your ad with an ad that is highly relevant to the search terms and that your website or landing page provides related content as well as a good user experience across all devices, including mobile. Google assigns Quality Score on a scale of 1-10, and generally Quality Scores above a five are considered good. Google wants to encourage AdWords advertisers to provide the best experience to consumers, so the Quality Score system essentially rewards advertisers who do just that. Other major search publishers, such as Yahoo and Bing, also have a very similar quality scoring system that takes similar factors into account.

How Does a Good Quality Score Help My Campaign?

A good Quality Score can help your campaign in several ways. Perhaps most importantly, Quality Score is an important component of Ad Rank. This means that a high Quality Score can help achieve better placement on the search engine results page while minimizing your cost per click (CPC). This can result in better overall performance and return on investment (ROI) from your search advertising campaign.

How Does a Search Marketing Vendor Achieve a Good Quality Score for My Business?

There’s a lot that goes into a good Quality Score, such as selecting highly-relevant keywords and writing ad copy that closely matches your website content, while ensuring that your website provides a good overall user experience.

While Google doesn’t publish the exact algorithm for Quality Score, we know that some of the most important factors are:

  • The relevance of each keyword to its/each ad group. Careful keyword selection and creation of tightly-themed ad groups helps boost your Quality Score.
  • The relevance of your website copy to your ads/keywords, as well as the overall quality and user experience of your website. Ensuring that your text ads and keywords are closely related to your website text is key.
  • The historical performance of your AdWords campaign. This includes how your ads perform across different devices. Take care to manage your campaigns for great performance and ensure that your website delivers a great experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices alike.
  • Your clickthrough rate, also known as CTR. This is a reflection of how often users that see your ad click on it to visit your website. Having a high CTR indicates to Google that users find your ad highly relevant to what they are searching for, so this is a very important aspect of Quality Score.

Why is Working With a Company That Delivers High Quality Score Important?

A focus on Quality Score is important because it can improve the performance of your campaign and lead to a better overall ROI on your ad spend. You invest in your SEM campaign to help new customers find you, and optimizing your Quality Score helps you reach and attract more new customers at the best possible cost efficiency. Regardless of the size of your ad budget, having a strong Quality Score helps make every dollar in your ad budget count.

At ReachLocal, Google has recognized us for our continued excellence when it comes to quality in search engine advertising. In fact, we were recently named the Google Quality Score Champion. We are very proud of this achievement, and we’re even more excited about the value we provide to our clients every day by building and managing the highest quality campaigns to maximize ROI for our clients. Learn more about our awards from Google and our designation as a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner on our website.

Devon Anderson

Devon Anderson is a search engine marketing and online advertising expert who is passionate about helping small and medium businesses gain customers online. Devon currently serves as the Vice President of Media Delivery Solutions for ReachLocal, where she oversees the teams responsible for SEM campaign strategy, campaign setup, and publisher operations.

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