Write the Perfect Holiday Text Ads With These 3 Tips

It’s that time of year again! The fall candles have been lit, pumpkins are seen outside of almost every grocery store, and Christmas music will start playing in every mall shortly after Halloween. The holiday season has arrived, and shoppers will soon be crowding a very popular place to make their purchases – the internet. Whether they’re looking for a specific item on a wish list or scrolling through their search engine results page (SERP) for inspiration, put your business in front of them with PPC ads and give them exactly what they’re looking for. Here’s 3 tips to consider when writing text ads during the holiday season: 

Speak the Holiday Language  

It’s never too early to speak the holiday language, especially as a business. While shoppers prepare earlier and earlier each year to make their holiday purchases online, your text ads need to catch their eye and fuel their purchasing decision before they start scrolling. Keep in mind there are early bird and last-minute shoppers, so your text will need to highlight fast shipping, free shipping, and other seasonal keywords that draw searchers in during this exciting yet hectic time. Read this article for the do’s and don’ts when writing text ads.  

Highlight Promotions and Special Offers  

It’s no secret that a lot of money is spent between Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s. And, according to Business Insider, shoppers plan to spend 51% of their holiday shopping budget online this year. They will be looking for the best deals possible, so it’s important to highlight any special offers and promotions your business has in your PPC ad. If you offer a product that many other businesses have, highlighting discounts could be the deciding factor between you and your competitor.  

Take Advantage of Ad Extensions 

You want your PPC ad to have all the information a customer needs to know about your business. Ad extensions can include your phone number, location, a link to a specific page on your website, and more. Customers want to find information quickly, and even more so during the holiday season. Instead of clicking on your page to find the information themselves they can get everything they need from your PPC ad.  

So, as you prepare your business and its’ online presence for the crowd of potential customers, keep in mind that PPC ads are key to driving more traffic to your website and standing out during the crazy, competitive world of holiday online shopping.  

Amanda Asad

Amanda is the Content Marketing & Communications Intern at ReachLocal. She graduated from Texas A&M University where she acquired her degree in Leadership and Development with minors in Agricultural Journalism and Communications and Tourism Management. Her background is in event management and journalism. When she is not working, Amanda enjoys writing, working out, and spending time with family.

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