Yelp Expands Advertising Partnership with ReachLocal

ReachLocal Amongst First Partners to Sell Yelp Ads

Today, ReachLocal was named as one of the first Yelp partners to be authorized to sell Yelp’s on-platform cost per click advertising product to local businesses. The partnership was announced during the Street Fight conference in San Francisco. Yelp’s Senior Vice President of Business & Corporate Development, Chad Richard, shared the exciting news during his keynote at the industry event.

“We are thrilled to continue to deepen our partnership with Yelp and are excited to be among the first to sell this valuable advertising product,” said ReachLocal’s Chief Strategy Officer, Paras Maniar. “This not only furthers our commitment to a multi-publisher approach, but it also offers yet another effective way that ReachLocal is equipping local businesses to reach consumers across the diversity of places they are making purchasing decisions today.”

Yelp’s on-platform cost-per click advertising offers businesses the ability to directly advertise on Yelp. With search ads on Yelp, local businesses can reach consumers who are looking for products and services when they are using Yelp’s website or mobile app.

“Yelp is excited to continue growing our partnership with ReachLocal. Putting together Yelp’s large audience of consumers who are searching for local businesses with ReachLocal’s strength in managing local business advertising campaigns just makes sense,” said Chad Richard.

This partnership means that when businesses work with ReachLocal to advertise on Yelp, they will also get access to additional capabilities, including call tracking, along with added technology and service to help manage their campaigns. ReachLocal will be launching this offering later this year in the United States.


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