Track Marketing ROI with Technology

5 Signs You Need a System to Track Your Marketing ROI

When it comes to marketing your business, it can be easy to get caught up in staying up with what’s new, managing vendors, and allocating your budget – so much so that you may overlook a key part of your marketing: determining your return on investment. Or, maybe you’re so overwhelmed by all the metrics that you don’t know where to start. Check out these five signs you might need a system to help you track your marketing ROI so


The Secret To Converting More Customers [Free Download]

What’s the first thing you do after a potential customer calls or emails your business? Does your staff provide excellent customer service and ask the right questions to qualify the lead? Do you record their contact information, product or service of interest, and phase they’re at in the buying cycle? Do you reply personally to voicemails and emails with timely and helpful information and continue to follow up as they make a their decision? Whatever you do with a new

search advertising keywords that hurt your results

Are These 5 Search Advertising Keyword Types Wrecking Your Campaign?

Like a fine recipe, search advertising campaigns (also known as pay per click campaigns) require specific ingredients combined in a precise method to get good results: the right keywords, ad copy, landing pages, and so on. And when done correctly, you can end up with a masterpiece that will appeal to your target audience, driving visits to your business. But the wrong mix of ingredients can also result in a flop for your search advertising campaigns and cost you advertising

Lead Conversion: 20 Terms You Need to Know

18 Lead Conversion Terms You Need to Know

While getting a visit to your website or a contact from a prospect is great, those visits and contacts don’t mean much if you don’t use lead conversion best practices to turn them into new customers. So what is lead conversion, anyway? It’s everything a business needs to do to turn prospects into leads and leads into customers. Check out this glossary of 18 important lead conversion terms every small business needs to know. 1. Lead Source: This is the

Will Your Site Rank in Mobile Search?

No Mobile Site? It’ll Cost You in Google’s Mobile Search Results

In the past, you may have received visits to your non-mobile website from consumers who were using Google to search for your products or services on their mobile devices. But now, not having a mobile website can drastically affect how many people visit it from the search results, for a variety of reasons. First, Google now displays a “mobile-friendly” tag on links for sites that display optimally on a mobile screen. This means that mobile searchers will be more inclined


Net Neutrality: It’s Essential to Our Economy and to Local Businesses’ Success

The FCC will vote on Net Neutrality Feb. 26. I’m the CEO of a company that works  with small- and medium-sized businesses – helping them grow their customer-base using the Internet. Based on my experience with these businesses, I have no doubt that the FCC will do irreparable harm to our entire economy if they block Net Neutrality. America has always been known for fostering the dreams of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Our nation is better because innovators like Walt

ReachLocal Remarks - Software with Service

ReachLocal Remarks: Software with Service

Tranparency and education are key pillars in the foundation of our company and the promise to our clients. Every day, we deliver more customers to local businesses around the world. We do that by collaborating with our clients so they understand what they are purchasing and how it can help improve their businesses. Today, we take things a step further and kick off ReachLocal Remarks, a new video series to share our executives’ insights into the digital marketing industry. In the

Bulldog and Kitten High Five

5 Signs You Need a Digital Marketing Expert in Your Life

If you’re like a lot of business owners, you naturally take charge of all the things needed to operate your business. But sometimes there are challenges that your business needs to solve that you can’t do on your own. For example, if there were a power problem in a restaurant, the owner would probably call an electrician. Or if a new health clinic opened, the practitioners would hire a lawyer for general council. Hiring help is more than ok – it’s

Are You Sabotaging Your Advertising's Success?

Are You Sabotaging the Success of Your Online Advertising Efforts?

The well-known advertising adage by John Wanamaker states “half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Though many have felt the reality of this statement throughout the history of advertising, today, local businesses now have the ability to track the success of virtually any source of online and offline advertising thanks to the power of lead conversion software like ReachEdge. But, interestingly enough, it’s not always the advertising medium that is

Respond to new leads quickly

Poll: How Quickly Do SMBs Really Respond to New Leads?

Answering the phone and responding quickly to voicemails, emails, and form submissions is vital to turning new prospects into customers. That’s because providing a timely response with the information leads need can help you convert them right away. And even if they don’t buy from you right then and there, they’re sure to remember your speedy and helpful customer service, which can help you win their business down the road. But the reality is, local business owners and their employees have a lot do to, and may