Text Ad Mistakes

Ouch! Text Ad Mistakes to Stop Making Now

When searching online today, consumers see hundreds of text ads as they scroll through the search engine results pages. So, how do you make sure your text ad is the one that grabs attention and entices people to click? And on top of that, how do you make sure the right people are clicking on your ad? The digital landscape is always changing and with it the best practices for building and running your search campaigns. Here are some text

5 in 15 Webinar: Targeting

Register for Our Webinar: 5 Ways to Target Your Audience Online

Targeting the right audience when they are spending time online can be extremely complex. You have to know who to target, the best ways to target them, when to target them, and what messages work best to run a successful display advertising or retargeting campaign. But, what if we told you there’s a way target your display ads to exactly the right audience, and you can learn about it in just 15 minutes? Join our next 5 in 15 Webinar:

Facebook Advertising Ebook ReachLocal

New Ebook: Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising

If you’re like 75% of local business owners, then you’re already using Facebook to market your business. But, Facebook marketing means more than just setting up a page and hoping people find it. Get Our Free Ebook Now: Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising Simply having a Facebook page for your business won’t help you improve visibility in the Facebook News Feed or reach new customers on the site, even if you’re posting regular status updates. By adding

Fall Online Marketing Strategy

4 Tips for Your Online Marketing Strategy This Fall

The leaves will soon change colors, pumpkin flavored everything will fill the grocery store aisles, and consumers will start thinking about the holidays. With summer almost behind us, it’s important to take inventory of how your digital marketing is stacking up this year to ensure you have a successful season. Here are four ways you can make sure your online marketing strategy is prepared for fall. Invest in a Mobile Friendly Website (if You Haven’t Already) In 2014, the number

search advertising and retargeting

How Does Retargeting Boost Search Advertising ROI? [Stats]

Retargeting can be an incredibly powerful marketing tactic. It is not only great for building brand awareness, but it also helps recapture leads who may not have taken the final step to become your customer when visiting your website. And, when paired with search advertising, retargeting can help you get even more return on your investment. What is Site Retargeting? Site retargeting is a display advertising tactic that engages interested prospects who visited your website but may not have converted

Search Engine Updates to Know for PPC Advertising

Top PPC Advertising Trends & Tips From our #5in15 Webinar

If you have a PPC advertising strategy in place for your business, you may have seen the recent changes and user behaviors that are impacting your campaigns. In our recent 5 in 15 webinar, ReachLocal search marketing expert Devon Anderson covered some of the biggest search engine updates this year and what local businesses can do about them. 1. Make the Most of Fewer Ads on Google Although Google recently removed right hand side ads from web searches to streamline the

back-to-school marketing tips

Get Straight A’s with These Back-to-School Marketing Tips

A new school year has started in many parts of the country – school supplies have been purchased, backpacks are filled with books, and lunches have been packed. Is your marketing strategy going to make straight A’s this year? Here are three back-to-school marketing tips to keep in mind this school year. Invest in a Mobile Marketing Strategy Did you know that back-to-school sales are typically taken advantage of at higher rates on mobile devices? “Around 60 percent of parents are

Advertise on multiple search engines to reach more consumers

4 Reasons to Advertise On Multiple Search Engines

When business owners think about search advertising, they typically think only of Google. While Google is an important place to advertise, it’s not the only search engine consumers use. Here are four reasons you need to be advertising across multiple search engines. Google Only Accounts for 64% of Searches While this shows that Google is still winning the search engine game, with two-thirds of the market share, there are still plenty of opportunities you’re missing out on if you’re only

Tips for Getting Started with Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising: 3 Questions to Answer Before You Start

With Facebook prioritizing content from friends and family in the organic News Feed, businesses have to work even harder to reach both existing fans and new audiences. For many businesses, targeted advertising is an effective and affordable way to build brand awareness, drive engagement, and even generate new leads from the social media site. Before you start advertising on Facebook – and once your organic page management is in order – there are a few questions you need to answer. 1.

local marketing challenges

Top Local Marketing Challenges for Business Owners

Marketing your local business can be extremely challenging in today’s world. At a recent conference I attended, Greg Sterling, contributing editor at Search Engine Land, went over some of the top challenges local marketers face today. Here are three of the biggest local marketing challenges and what you can do to overcome them. Complex Consumer Behavior One of the top challenges business owners face is making sense of complex consumer behavior. Consumers are constantly changing the way they search for


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