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3 Mobile Marketing Tactics You Need Now

It’s been a couple days since Google’s “Mobilegeddon” was unleashed. The streets are still in order; no massive chaos has erupted. But online, businesses without mobile-friendly websites may soon start to see the effects of this mobile search algorithm updates in their website traffic reports. If you don’t already have a mobile-friendly version of your website – and aren’t working on it – then DO IT NOW! Until then, and even after the Mobilegeddon dust settles, there are a few

ReachEdge Award Winning Software Attribution Analytics

Award-Winning Lead Conversion Software Available for Local Business Websites

ReachEdge Wins Local Search Association Award We’re thrilled to announce that ReachEdge, our lead conversion and marketing automation software for local businesses, won the Local Search Association’s Ad to Action award for attribution and analytics, thanks to its ability to best drive consumer actions like calls, clicks, and visits for local businesses. “ReachEdge software provides local businesses with the tools needed to measure ROI from all their digital marketing efforts, and does so with accessible, easy-to-use software and services,” said

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Go Beyond Clicks to Know Your True Marketing ROI

When it comes to knowing your marketing ROI, do you often think in terms of how many clicks your online marketing is getting? After all, a text ad that gets 20 clicks is performing better than a text ad that gets only five clicks, right? Not necessarily. What if the text ad with just five clicks yielded five solid leads who converted into five customers, while the ad with 20 clicks generated just two leads and two customers? Would you


ReachLocal a Finalist for Local Search Association Award

For over a decade, ReachLocal has been committed to creating products and services to help local businesses get found online. Ten years ago, we started by helping SMBs get leads from local search results and grew our offerings to include an entire suite of online advertising and marketing solutions. We’re extremely honored to have our latest innovative solution recognized by the Local Search Association and nominated for their 2015 Ad to Action Awards. Check out our video to see what


Is Your Site Ready for Google’s Mobile Update?

We’ve talked a lot about mobile and why going mobile is essential to local business success. And for good reason: Google is about to roll out a new mobile search algorithm starting April 21 – or as it’s known – “mobilegeddon,” because of the vast number of non-mobile sites predicted to be impacted by the update. Why a mobile-friendly algorithm? Google’s in the business of providing the most relevant and valuable search results to its users. And as more and more people

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Know Your Marketing Results with ReachEdge ROI Reports

Having a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes both offline and online advertising – like radio, billboards, SEO, paid search, and social media – can often be an excellent approach to getting leads for your business. But do you know how many new contacts and leads you actually get from each source? What’s more, do you track how many of your leads become customers? With ReachEdgeTM lead conversion software’s ROI reports, you’ll be able to tap into this important marketing data

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On-Demand Webinar: Why Leads Aren’t Buying

How many times have you answered a call or responded to an email from a prospect within the past week? Did all of these contacts become leads and then customers? If the answer is “no,” don’t fret. Not every contact will become a customer. They could have found a product or service at a more competitive price, gone with a family member’s recommendation, or they may just have dialed the wrong number. But what about those contacts who are actually

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Do You Know When You Get a New Lead? This Tool Tells You Instantly

As a local business owner, you know that getting new calls, emails, and web forms means more opportunities to make a sale. But if a new lead were to contact your business right now, would you know the instant it happens? If your answer is “no” or “I’m not sure,” then you could be losing out on a new customer and a future sale. But with ReachEdgeTM lead conversion software’s mobile app, you’ll be notified the moment you get a

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Poll: What’s Your Biggest Fear About the Competition?

When it comes to getting ahead of your local business’ competition, there’s a lot to focus on. Do your offline and online presence make you look professional? Do you consistently provide a great customer experience? Are your products and prices competitive for your local market? Take our survey below and let us know what your biggest fear is about your closest competitors. Create your own user feedback survey

Learn how to convert more leads into customers with ReachEdge lead nurturing. Get the free guide.

Improve Follow Up: Your Guide to ReachEdge Lead Nurturing

Having leads is great, but getting customers is even better. However, you might not have the time to provide your leads with the kinds of lead nurturing that can convert them into customers. Get the free guide to learn how ReachEdgeTM lead conversion software can help you. You’ll see how it enables you to respond to new phone and web contacts right away, and continues to nurture them with a series of automated emails. You’ll also learn how ReachEdge helps