How to Add Images & GIFs to Your Social Posts

We know that sometimes it’s easier to simply post an update to your social sites without adding images or GIFs. But nowadays, these types of posts just won’t fly! For one, it’s hard to make them stand out amongst the memes, videos, and other visual content filling top social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. But also, researchers have found that a post that includes a visual increased people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%! Not adding

Reviews affect your business

Reviews FAQs: How Do Reviews Affect My Business?

This is the fifth post in our Reviews FAQs series where we answer frequently asked questions about online reputation management. We’ve talked a lot about how to manage your online reputation, but we haven’t really talked about why. Here are four important ways reviews can affect your business: 1. Positive Reviews Help Consumers Trust a Local Business More As a local business, you likely want consumers to trust your business and rely on you. One study found that 72% of

Facebook advertising survey

What Questions Do You Have About Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising sounds like a relatively simple concept, but it’s actually much more complex. How do your ads show up in the Facebook News Feed? What types of results can you get? How do you know if Facebook advertising is successful? These are just a few of the questions we’ll be answering in our “How Do I?” Facebook Advertising blog series. But, we also want to know what questions you have so we can answer them, too! Take our short

You need SEO

5 More Reasons You Really Need SEO

Last week we talked about five reasons a good SEO strategy is important for your business. Here are five MORE reasons your business needs to invest in an SEO strategy: 1. SEO Improves the User Experience The purpose of an SEO strategy is to appeal to both searchers and search engines across all devices. This puts the searcher top-of-mind because you want your website to contain quality content, be easy to navigate, and work on desktop or mobile devices. This

Negative review response

Reviews FAQs: What Can I Do About Negative Reviews?

This is the fourth post in our Reviews FAQs series where we answer frequently asked questions about online reputation management. Getting a negative review about your business is a huge bummer. You never want your customers to have anything but a positive experience, so to hear otherwise can be unfortunate. So, what can you do about negative reviews? Here are three options: 1. Respond to Them The best thing you can do about a negative review is to respond to

you need SEO

5 Reasons You Really Need SEO

SEO is one of only two marketing methods a business can use to improve their chances of being found on the first page of Google, Bing, and other search engines. While PPC offers instant visibility for your keywords, coupling this strategy with SEO can improve your chances of driving users to your website and allows you to present users with a better experience overall. SEO is earned by creating a website that offers high-quality, relevant information for both searchers and

Get better marketing results with these lead generation secrets

Better Lead Generation: 3 Tools to Lift Your Marketing Efforts

You may be doing everything you can do drum up website visits – paid search engine marketing, SEO, Facebook advertising – and it might be working really well for you, but visitors still leave without converting. But, all is not lost. Here are some unique tools you can use to stay in front of your site visitors and even reach new audiences to drive leads and lift your marketing efforts. 1. Leverage Retargeting to Drive Return Visits Retargeting technology shows


Reviews FAQs: Should I Respond to Positive Reviews?

This is the third post in our Reviews FAQs series where we answer frequently asked questions about online reputation management. We’ve talked about the best way to respond to (negative) reviews, but what about positive reviews? Do you even need to respond to them online? Here are three reasons you should respond to positive reviews: It lets the reviewer know you read their review. It shows your appreciation for their positive review. It can help your business’s personality come through.

Drive Lead Generation with SEO

Better Lead Generation: Getting More Search Traffic with SEO

Now that you’ve got a good flow of visits and leads from your search engine marketing efforts, what better way to amp up your search marketing game than by optimizing your website and local presence for the organic, or unpaid, search results? SEO is the perfect complement to your search advertising and can help you generate more traffic and leads from search results pages and lift the results of your efforts. But there are so many factors that go into


Social Media Habits to Break: Posting the Same Content on All Platforms

Most of us are guilty of posting the exact same content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. While this is an easy way to keep your social sites updated, it has a downside because every social platform has its own audience and tone. Different Audiences for Different Social Sites On Facebook your business should be posting less frequently and publishing more personal messages, while on LinkedIn, a social platform for professionals, your posts should be more informative. And on Twitter your


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