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5 Signs You Need a Digital Marketing Expert in Your Life

If you’re like a lot of business owners, you naturally take charge of all the things needed to operate your business. But sometimes there are challenges that your business needs to solve that you can’t do on your own. For example, if there were a power problem in a restaurant, the owner would probably call an electrician. Or if a new health clinic opened, the practitioners would hire a lawyer for general council. Hiring help is more than ok – it’s

Are You Sabotaging Your Advertising's Success?

Are You Sabotaging the Success of Your Online Advertising Efforts?

The well-known advertising adage by John Wanamaker states “half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Though many have felt the reality of this statement throughout the history of advertising, today, local businesses now have the ability to track the success of virtually any source of online and offline advertising thanks to the power of lead conversion software like ReachEdge. But, interestingly enough, it’s not always the advertising medium that is

Respond to new leads quickly

Poll: How Quickly Do SMBs Really Respond to New Leads?

Answering the phone and responding quickly to voicemails, emails, and form submissions is vital to turning new prospects into customers. That’s because providing a timely response with the information leads need can help you convert them right away. And even if they don’t buy from you right then and there, they’re sure to remember your speedy and helpful customer service, which can help you win their business down the road. But the reality is, local business owners and their employees have a lot do to, and may

Search advertising audience targeting tips

Is Your Search Advertising Targeting the Right Audience?

Today, most businesses understand the importance of search advertising. Studies show that 75% of searchers never scroll past page one of search results, and search advertising is a quick and easy way to gain a presence on the first page. This makes search advertising a vital piece of the marketing puzzle. But if your ads aren’t showing up in the right places in front of the right people, then your puzzle could still be incomplete. If your search advertising target

ReachLocal Review Maid Brigade Video

ReachLocal Review: Search Advertising Helps Franchise Get Customers

Fernando Suarez, franchise owner of Maid Brigade of Miami, faced the challenge of marketing his company online so that it was visible in a “very competitive market.” So he turned to ReachLocal’s digital marketing services – in this case, search advertising — to help him get more customers who are looking for maid services online. “ReachLocal has helped us acquire new customers every single day,” he says in his review of ReachLocal. In addition to being thrilled by his search

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12 Small Business Marketing Predictions for 2015 [Infographic]

What’s in store for small business marketing in 2015? At ReachLocal, we asked a dozen of the industry’s top experts to share their predictions for what small businesses can expect this year. From technology enabling better business and marketing capabilities for SMBs to the impact of consumer trends in social and mobile to the demand for content marketing, these experts share some of the top trends for small businesses to start thinking about as we head into 2015. Take a

What Local Businesses Should Say to New Callers

5 Things You Should Be Saying to Prospects When They Call

A phone call is the number one conversion many local businesses want from their prospects. But, when they do call you, does someone answer the phone? And when your staff does speak to prospects, are they asking the right questions to qualify them and move them toward a purchase? Here are the five things every local business should say to prospects when they call. 1.) Hello. The simplest answer is often the right one. Simply answer the phone when it rings,

Free Retargeting Guide

Get The Guide: Power Your Advertising with Retargeting Technology

You’ve invested a lot in organic and paid advertising to drive visitors to your website. So wouldn’t you like to stay top of mind with a website visitor after they’ve left, but may not have contacted you? Or, have you ever wondered how you can create brand awareness for your business with consumers who’ve used search terms related to your products or services but didn’t find you? Retargeting advertising can help you to accomplish both – and help bring these

Small Business Twitter List

The Small Business Twitter List

Looking for some fresh insights into local marketing or small business to add more knowledge to your Twitter stream? We present The Small Business Twitter List of great accounts for local businesses to follow, with insights on small business, entrepreneurship, technology, digital marketing, and more. Follow these accounts to kickstart your business and online marketing in this year. Have someone you’d nominate to add? Scroll down and share your submission! Small Business & Entrepreneurship Melinda Emerson: Author of Become Your Own Boss

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7 of the Most Essential Marketing Tips for Legal Services

When it comes to getting new clients, attorneys and other businesses providing legal services rely heavily on timeliness. From making sure that prospective clients find them quickly to having the tools in place to respond to people as soon as possible, being the first to call back can be what signs new clients. In this infographic from Google, you’ll learn how people use the web to find legal businesses like yours and stats that prove it. Plus, we provide a