ReachLocal customer experience wins ACE award

ReachLocal Wins Confirmit ACE Award for Customer Experience

Providing a great customer experience is something all businesses should strive to achieve, including ours. Every day, we work to build client relationships across our business, from the first meeting with a digital marketing consultant to every conversation with our expert service teams. This dedication to our clients is the reason we’re excited to be awarded a 2015 Confirmit ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Award for our ability to mine the Voice of the Customer and improve business results. Client

April 2015 Poll Results What's Your Bissgest Fear About the Competition?

46% Say They Fear the Competition is Taking Existing Customers

In the latest ReachLocal poll, we asked readers, “What’s your biggest fear about the competition?” and the results are in. The majority (46%) said they fear their business competitors are taking their existing customers while 27% fear the competition’s prices are more competitive. In addition, 18% of respondents said they fear competitors are better at marketing and 9% fear competitors’ businesses look better than theirs. Check out our infographic below for all of these results.


ReachLocal’s ReachEdge Finalist for “New Product of the Year” in 2015 American Business Awards

By delivering innovative website software that helps local businesses get more from their marketing efforts, ReachEdgeTM lead conversion software provides local business owners marketing insights without taking their attention away from running their business. This solution gives businesses transparency into their digital marketing so they know what sources are really driving leads for their business. That’s why we’re excited to announce that ReachEdge was recently named a finalist in the “New Product or Service of the Year — Lead Generation Solution,”

5 Marketing Tips to Improve Your Business in 5 Minutes

5 Digital Marketing Tips You Can Do in 5 Minutes or Less to Improve Your Business

Here at ReachLocal, we love small businesses and doing all we can to support their success. And since it’s Small Business Week, we wanted to wrap up the week with five easy things you can do to help improve your business in five minutes or less. You can check these off your to-do list quickly, and together these important marketing tips can make a big impact on your business’ success. 1. Run your website URL through Google’s mobile-friendly checker. In

How can you reach consumers on mobile?

3 Places Small Businesses Can Connect with Consumers on Mobile [Infographic]

If you don’t already have a mobile strategy in place for your local business, it’s time to start investing in one. Mobile marketing is no longer a nice-to-have for small businesses. If you really want to compete with other businesses both large and small, you need a way to reach consumers as they are using mobile devices. Otherwise, you could lose potential and current customers to competitors who provide a better overall mobile experience. Need more reasons to incorporate mobile

ReachLocal Technology and Service Helping SMBs

Can You Compete with the Big Guys? 3 Ways ReachLocal Helps

It’s a question so many business owners ask themselves on a daily basis: In the face of an ever-changing economy, rapid evolution in technology, and constant shifts in consumer behavior, how can small businesses today compete with the big guys? This small business week, we wanted to share three ways ReachLocal is driving innovation that equips SMBs across the globe with the tools and service they need to be more competitive in their local markets, reach more consumers online, and

Audience Cheering At Outdoor Concert Performance

3 Things Every Small Business Deserves

This week is National Small Business Week! (Then again, at ReachLocal, we celebrate small businesses and their success every week!) This year, the U.S. Small Business Administration will recognize small business owners and entrepreneurs who have taken the bold steps to put this year’s motto into action: “Dream Big. Start Small.” At ReachLocal, it’s our goal to help small businesses build those dreams through great service and smart technology designed with them in mind. And while we love celebrating small

advertising in mobile apps

Is Mobile In App Advertising Right for Your Business?

Promoting your business on mobile is essential in local marketing today now that 65% of Americans now own smartphones – and it’s the primary way many of them access the Internet. Of the many ways to do this, perhaps the most effective method is in-app advertising, which allows you to show display ads to consumers in real time while they are using mobile apps – like entertainment, news, radio, weather, and more. But of course, when evaluating a new marketing solution

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Happy young man talking on mobile phone inside building

If You Only Do One Thing With Your Leads, It’s This

When a consumer visits your website and then contacts you for the first time via web form, email, or phone call, you’ve cleared a crucial hurdle in getting a new lead. But you’re also on the time clock to convert that lead into a customer. If you don’t, they might forget about you and contact your competitors instead. So, if you do only one thing with your leads, it’s this: follow up with them regularly via phone and with lead

Google search terms and tips

A Crash Course in Google Search

Search Engine Advertising. Local SEO. Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Results Page. PPC. Google Maps. What do all these terms mean, much less have in common? And why on Earth should you care about them? What if I told you that today, 4 out of 5 searches on Google have local intent, and these all help your business get found by online searchers. Would that make these terms important to you? By understanding how Google works to help your business get