Google AdWords Ad Extensions

5 Google AdWords Ad Extensions You Should Be Using

Did you know you can add ad extensions through Google AdWords? Ad extensions are free tools that can help you entice local searchers to click your ad and become your customer. Here at ReachLocal we use ad extensions in many ways to improve our clients’ search engine advertising campaigns, and I’ve created a list of our top five Google AdWords ad extensions, what they can do for you, and how to use them within your search engine advertising campaign. Review

ReachLocal Facebook Advertising ReachSocial Ads

ReachLocal’s Facebook Advertising Solutions Now Available

With over 156 million Facebook users, and 75% of businesses already using Facebook to market their business online, advertising on Facebook is something local businesses can no longer afford to miss out on. We recently introduced ReachSocial Ads™ – a robust Facebook advertising solution that helps local businesses capitalize on the vast opportunities Facebook provides through paid advertising. In fact, our Facebook advertising solutions are already helping ReachLocal clients reach new audiences on Facebook, re-engage existing fans and followers, and

Common SEO Questions

From Our Expert: Common SEO Questions Answered

In our latest 5 in 15 Webinar: 5 Ways to Boost Your Website’s Local SEO, ReachLocal Senior SEO Manager Rob Frost-Dean went over some actionable tips for helping your site appear in local search results for your products and services. Here are a few of the top questions he answered regarding SEO and your website. Download Our On-Demand Webinar: 5 Ways to Boost Your Website’s Local SEO How Can You Tell if Your Content is Clear? Content is king, Frost-Dean

ReachLocal Complaints

Common Complaints Your Business Might Get & How to Respond

Did you know that 70% of consumers rely on online reviews before making a purchasing decision? Your online reputation is an increasingly important aspect of your digital marketing strategy. After managing the web presence for several local businesses, I noticed a common theme among many negative reviews they received online. Here are the most common complaints local businesses tend to encounter, what you can learn from them, and how you can respond.  Why It’s Important to Respond to Complaints Before

Facbeook marketing

What Local Businesses Say: 75% Use Facebook Marketing

According to a recent ReachLocal survey of over 500 local businesses, 75% of respondents said they are actively using Facebook to market their business online. In addition, nearly 70% said social media marketing was effective at driving growth for their business. When it comes to using Facebook marketing, the local businesses we surveyed said they engage in activities such as: Sharing content from their business page Growing likes and fans Replying to posts and comments Running targeted advertising These responses

Facebook advertising results

3 Results You Can Get From Facebook Advertising

In a recent study, ReachLocal found that 75% of local businesses actively use Facebook to market their business. But Facebook marketing is more than just setting up a page and hoping people find your business. Even if you have a robust and active Facebook page, you could be missing a lot of potential consumers interested in your products and services that you have the opportunity to target via Facebook advertising. So, how can you reach of your target consumers on

Google Update: Prominence

Google My Business: Updates to Local Ranking Factors

Google has confirmed the local search ranking factors that impact how your Google listing shows up in the local pack results. So, what are these factors, and what does this mean for your local business’ listing? Let’s explore. What factors impact local search results? In addition to accurate, complete business information, Google says that there are three key factors that impact a business’ local ranking: relevance, distance, and prominence. You’re already familiar with making sure your listing is relevant to

Social Media - April Fool's

Don’t Be a Fool: Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Social media is a fact of life in today’s world. With the majority of U.S. consumers using at least one social media site, it’s important for businesses to be part of the online community as well. Here are some reasons why your business needs social media: More Than 70% of U.S. Consumers Use Social Media If you knew that the majority of your target audience was in one place, would you take advantage of that? Well, that’s the case with

programmatic marketing

What Programmatic Marketing Means for Your Business

The world of Internet marketing can be complex, and it’s made more complex by words or phrases that often seem little more than a buzzword. “Programmatic” marketing is one of those words that’s recently become a popular buzzword in online marketing industry, but you rarely see it defined. Let’s break down the meaning behind programmatic marketing and what it means for local businesses. What Does Programmatic Mean? The general definition of programmatic marketing refers to technology that uses automation to

Your Marketing Budget & ReachEdge

The Secret to Getting the Most from Your Marketing Budget

With so many different marketing opportunities in today’s world – paid search, social media advertising, SEO, etc. – it can be hard to determine what’s really working for your business. You may often wonder, “Where is my marketing budget actually going? What’s working? What’s not?” And many local businesses have the same concerns. A recent MediaPost article entitled: “SMBs: Is Your Ad Spend a Waste of Budget?” touches on the same kinds of questions: Where is your marketing budget going