ReachLocal Yahoo Preferred Partner Gemini

ReachLocal Expands Yahoo Gemini Marketplace to Local Businesses in Yahoo Preferred Partnership

ReachLocal is excited to announce that we are joining Yahoo as one of the company’s first multi-vertical Preferred Partners, an elite group of innovative advertising technology and service companies committed to delivering a higher standard of technology integration and client services. Through ReachLocal, thousands of local businesses will now have access to Yahoo Gemini’s unified mobile-first search advertising marketplace through our ReachSearch advertising solution, which enables our clients to reach local customers. We have already launched this capability to 3,300

5 Features of a Mobile Friendly Website

5 Key Elements Every Mobile Website Should Have

There’s no doubt you’ve been hearing about the rise of mobile usage among consumers, especially when it comes to searching for local information. Consumers now spend over 3 hours a day on their smartphones, and 87% of smartphone owners say they use a search engine on their smartphone at least once a day. In addition, in a move called “Mobilegeddon,” Google recently announced that they would not prioritize non-mobile websites in organic mobile search results, since visiting a non-mobile site

44% Say Setup is Hardest Part of Search Advertising

44% Say Setup is the Most Challenging Part of Search Advertising

Keyword Research. Text Ad Best Practices. Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages. Return on Investment. Do any of these search advertising phrases scare you? Setting up a search engine advertising campaign can be challenging, even for an experienced advertiser. And according to 44% of our readers, setting it up the right way is the hardest part of doing PPC advertising. Following that closely, 37% said determining their return on investment was the most challenging. In addition, 13% said keeping their campaign updated was the most difficult, while

How Search Advertising Works Infographic

How it Works: Search Engine Advertising [Infographic]

If you’ve run or considered search engine advertising for your local business, you know that it’s a quick way to get clicks and calls from local consumers. But do you know that it can drive actual leads – and not just clicks – for your business? Or what elements impact the performance of your search advertising campaign? Our latest infographic walks you through exactly how a successful search engine advertising campaign helps a local business attract and convert new leads. Plus,

Couple reading online reviews

Expert Tips: Using Reviews to Improve Your Local SEO

Love them or hate them, online reviews play a huge role in how consumers buy from local business. In fact, nearly 97% of consumers say they read online reviews about local businesses1 and 90% say positive reviews influenced their buying decisions2. So, how can you manage reviews and ensure your online reputation has a positive impact on your bottom line? Join Yelp and ReachLocal on August 12, 2015 for an exclusive joint webinar: Navigating the World of Small Business Reviews

Changes to Google+ & Google+ Local

Changes with Google+, Google+ Local & What SMBs Need to Know

It looks like some changes are coming to Google+ and Google+ Local, and there’s been a lot of speculation and discussion about what these changes might mean. Google announced it’s shutting down unused or unverified Google+ pages. Google will no longer require its users to use a Google+ profile to access YouTube and some other Google properties. But this doesn’t mean Google is turning away from local search and Maps results. In fact, you need a strong local presence on

Local SEO: Get Found on Google

From YouTube to Twitter: Little Known Ways to Get Found on Google

You may already be optimizing your website content, blog posts, and even your social media properties for your top keywords to get your business found on search engines. But there are also some little-known tricks you can use to help increase your chances of getting found on Google. For example, did you know you can further boost your local web presence and even the visibility of your website by optimizing your content on YouTube, Twitter, and your local business listings?

Consumer Buying Journey

12 Questions for Understanding Your Target Audience

Marketing your business is an important way to build awareness of your brand and ultimately generate more customers and increase sales. But it’s important to make sure that you understand the audience you want your marketing to reach. Understanding your target audience can help you improve the return on your marketing investment because it helps you get your marketing in front of the right types consumers: those who are more likely to do business with you. It also helps you

ReachLocal Employee Appreciation Day

Celebrating ReachLocal Employees with Appreciation Day

  ReachLocal recently celebrated our employees working at ReachLocal offices across the country. Enjoy some photos from our events in Woodland Hills, CA, Dallas, TX, and Shreveport, LA. Our team in Woodland Hills celebrated Employee Appreciation Day with an Ice Cream Sundae Fun Day, while leaders in Shreveport and Dallas treated their employees to a homemade breakfast! Enjoy these photos from ReachLocal’s Employee Appreciation Day and tell us: What do you do to show your employees that you value them?

ReachLocal Seminar: Google on Technology Trends

The Future is Now: Google Presents 3 Technology Trends for Local Marketing

At a recent Locally Crafted Marketing seminar hosted by ReachLocal, Bo Pulito, strategic partner manager with Google, shared three important technology trends that are changing consumer behavior. These trends are critical for local businesses to understand, because businesses must really understand their consumers and how they are using technology in their day-to-day lives in order to reach them through marketing. Here are three practical tips and strategies he discussed that your local business can use to to take advantage of