What online marketing strategy can businesses not afford to ignore?

What Top Marketing Strategy Should Businesses Stop Ignoring?

In this month’s ReachLocal Question of the Month, we want to know: What online marketing strategy can local businesses no longer afford to ignore? When planning out your marketing strategy, there are many things you need to consider. For example, who is your audience? If they are a demographic that regularly uses social media (and let’s admit it – today there’s a pretty decent chance some of your audience will) then creating a diverse content marketing strategy could be a


Cast Your Vote for ReachLocal in the Small Business Influencer Awards

We’re proud to announce that ReachLocal has been nominated for the 2014 Small Business Influencer Awards in three categories! The Small Business Influencer Awards honor the people and companies that play a significant role in the success of the North American small business market through the products, services, knowledge, information, or support they provide. Being nominated for this award is a demonstration of our commitment to our clients and employees, and if you’d like to show your support, we hope


10 Email Marketing Terms to Kick-Start Your Email Campaign

If you’re ready to start using email marketing to convert leads and retain customers, there are two things you need to do: first, you need to plan a strategy for creating emails that follow email marketing best practices. Then once you have all the requirements in place for your email marketing, set up a process for measuring just how well your emails perform with your target audience. But how do go about creating an effective email marketing program? Start with

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Infographic How A Lead Becomes A Customer

How a Lead Becomes a Customer [Infographic]

When it comes to connecting consumers with businesses, we all have dreams. Consumers dream of finding the right company to do business with. And business owners dream of converting more leads into customers and improving their ROI. But what does it really take to convert leads into customers in today’s competitive landscape? In this infographic, you’ll take a journey with a sales lead, all the way from its beginnings as a prospect to becoming a customer for one local business.

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flashing sign at carnival

7 Classic Movie Scenes and the Business Lessons They Teach

One thing so many movies, old and new, have in common is that they feature everyday people trying to make a living. And no matter what type of characters they portray, all these movies can teach valuable lessons about what to do — and what not do — to win a customer’s business. Here are seven classic movie scenes that prove business lessons can be learned anywhere.   Forrest Gump — Do What You Do Best There’s a theory that you

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Local search tips

5 (More) Ridiculously Important Tips for Local Search

Getting discovered by local searchers today takes more than just a search-optimized website (although that’s an absolute must). You also need to boost your SEO efforts with offsite tactics including claiming local listings, using social sites, and doing search advertising. Try these to drive more local consumers to your business through search. 1. Build Out Your Local Listings & Citations It can’t be stressed enough how important your local listings are to getting found in local search results today. Google

ReachLocal Employee Recognized With ReachLocal Star Award

Announcing the 2014 ReachLocal Star, Vinayak Joshi

One of the things we take immense pride in at ReachLocal is the people we get the opportunity to work with every day. And, one of the ways we celebrate our people is through the ReachLocal Star Award, an annual global recognition of an employee who embodies all of our core business values throughout their professional and personal life. This year, the honor goes to Vinayak Joshi, a Finance Executive in our ReachLocal India office. Vinayak began his career at ReachLocal