Poll: what is your top customer service requirement?

Poll: What Is Your Top Customer Service Expectation?

Great customer service is a cornerstone to running a successful business. And, with the rise of social media, local listings, and review sites in the local search results, it’s more important than ever for any local businesses to have a glowing online reputation. So, whether it’s taking to the the web to handle customer issues or simply providing a great experience in person or over the phone, making customer service a priority is key to getting new customers and keep them coming back.  So, we want to know: what

ReachLocal Review: Cupertino Plumbing

ReachLocal Review: How a Home Services Client Boosted Sales

Frank Cardia, owner of Cupertino Plumbing, made the switch to online marketing after he realized his print campaign wasn’t getting him the leads and customers he wanted. He turned to ReachLocal’s digital marketing solutions, including search engine advertising, a responsive website, and the integrated ReachEdgeTM lead conversion software. Working with a team of digital marketing experts, he was able to tap into new markets and ultimately increase his revenue. “When I found ReachLocal, they opened my eyes and showed me

SMB online marketing resolutions

Marketing Resolutions Poll: What Should SMBs Stop Doing in 2015?

Online marketing continues to evolve all the time, but many small businesses are still doing marketing the same way they did five years ago, or even more. So, as we venture into 2015, what online marketing resolutions do you think SMBs should focus on in order to get more leads and customers in the New Year? Take our poll now and let us know: what should SMBs stop doing in their marketing in 2015? Then, check back in January to see the results!

Lessons from this year's viral marketing trends

Lessons from This Year’s Top 3 Viral Marketing Trends

While there’s no secret formula to creating a marketing campaign that “goes viral,” there are a few keys to making marketing that gets talked about – even if it’s just within your business or industry or among your social media fans. Take look at these top marketing trends from 2014 and the campaigns that took off, along with our tips that you can apply to your own digital marketing. 1. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge According to the ALS Association,

Improving Customer Loyalty

I’ve Got New Customers, Now What?

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season, it can be easy to focus on generating as much new business as possible. But don’t shortchange your business by forgetting to do some of these basics to help you create loyal customers not just during times of peak interest, but throughout the year. Here are seven must-dos to make the most out of each new customer you get. 1) Get Their Email Address! Landing a new customer is an


Healthcare Marketing & What It Means To Potential Patients

When it comes to finding information about health-related issues, people turn to the web. In fact, websites like WebMD see an average of 191 million unique users per month, (a decent percentage no doubt misdiagnosing the common cold). But it’s not just information on sicknesses that cause people to turn to the web – getting and staying healthy has also become a major search trend today, and on many different platforms. From social media sites like Pinterest to YouTube to

How to prep for a new crop of customers

How to Prep Your Team for a New Crop of Seasonal Customers

Small Business Saturday is just days away, and that means one thing for many small businesses – a big influx of new customers is headed your way. Congratulations! Now, don’t panic. With the right preparation and planning, you can make sure your business is ready for any new crop of seasonal customers – whether during an event like the holiday shopping season or a normal peak in prime business time. Here are seven things to check off your list: 1)