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ReachLocal Review: How One Client Makes the Most of Their Online Marketing

As a local business owner, your primary goal for your digital marketing campaigns is getting more calls and leads. Do you have a complete paid, organic, and website strategy designed to capture more leads for your business? How can you tell if your marketing tactics are actually bringing in leads? Are you spending money in the right places? Is your website losing leads? These are just a few of the questions you may ask yourself when you don’t have a real way

Google PPC Updates

3 PPC Updates from the Google Performance Summit You Need to Know

At the end of May, Google held its Performance Summit and announced a number of PPC updates that impact the search results page and paid advertising via Google AdWords. It can be difficult to cut through the excitement and identify the main updates and what they mean for local businesses. So, we’ve identified three updates that stand out the most: 1) Expanded Text Ads, 2) Google Maps Promoted Pins, and 3) the ability to modify bids for all devices. Here’s a

Creating Successful Facebook Ads

From Our Expert: Creating Successful Facebook Ads

In our last 5 in 15 Webinar: 5 Elements of a Great Facebook Ad, ReachLocal Facebook Advertising Expert Sadie Foster went over tips for setting up Facebook ad campaigns to reach your target audience, including how to create compelling images, copy, and calls to action. Here are some of the key takeaways to keep in mind when creating great Facebook ads. Download our free, on-demand webinar: 5 Elements of Great Facebook Ad Defining Your Goals & Choosing the Right Campaigns

Yelp ReachLocal

Yelp Expands Advertising Partnership with ReachLocal

ReachLocal Amongst First Partners to Sell Yelp Ads Today, ReachLocal was named as one of the first Yelp partners to be authorized to sell Yelp’s on-platform cost per click advertising product to local businesses. The partnership was announced during the Street Fight conference in San Francisco. Yelp’s Senior Vice President of Business & Corporate Development, Chad Richard, shared the exciting news during his keynote at the industry event. “We are thrilled to continue to deepen our partnership with Yelp and

Social media target audience

How To Identify Your Target Audience on Facebook & Twitter

One of the challenges with digital marketing is trying to determine who exactly you should target and measuring whether or not they’re actually engaging with you online. Luckily, through your social media pages, you can determine what audiences are engaging with you on places like Facebook and Twitter. How, exactly? Read on to find out. Facebook Insights If you have worked with a Facebook business page before, you should be familiar with Facebook Insights. In addition to being able to see

Internet Marketing Trends

Internet Trends Report: Local Marketing Insights

This week marked the release of the much-anticipated annual Internet Trends Report published by Mary Meeker of KPCB. The 200+ page report covers a broad range of internet trends, and several important themes emerged that signal important shifts in local marketing. The entire report is worth a look if you have the time (it’s embedded at the end of this blog post for easy viewing). In the meantime, here’s a snapshot of some of the highlights to keep in mind

SEO mistakes

Are You Making These Huge SEO Mistakes?

Investing in SEO is important if you want to appear in local search results for your products and services. But, a bad SEO strategy can often be even more detrimental to your web presence than no SEO strategy at all. Here are three SEO mistakes we often see local businesses making and some tips to ensure your SEO is getting you the results you want. 1. Not Researching Your SEO Provider One common SEO mistake local businesses often make is

Search engine marketing first position

4 Reasons You Don’t Have to Be First to Win Search Engine Marketing

When it comes to investing in search engine marketing, the climb to the top of the search engine results can get expensive. You may be trying to drive more clicks from potential customers by positioning yourself as the highest bidder for keywords relevant to your business. But, having your ads placed in the first position doesn’t guarantee that your campaign is generating more qualified leads or more revenue for your business. There are several key factors you have to consider

Confused by SEO?

Raise Your Hand if You’re Confused by SEO

As a local business owner, you’ve probably had someone tell you that you need SEO and that it’s the only way to show up on search engines. Some people may even suggest your business will ultimately fail without practicing proper SEO tactics. So you say to yourself, “Self, we need SEO.” And then you say to yourself, “What the heck is SEO?” Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many local business owners know they need SEO but haven’t the slightest idea

Google Text Ads Update

Google to Roll Out New Text Ad Format

Google has just announced they will be expanding the text ad format for AdWords in order to better optimize text ads for mobile devices. The result will be a new, second headline and nearly 50% more space for ad copy overall. This will give business owners using AdWords more room to highlight their products, services, and promotions. What Will the Updated Format Look Like? The main change that Google is making is adding a new second headline and greatly expanding the characters available


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