ReachLocal a Finalist for Local Search Association Award

For over a decade, ReachLocal has been committed to creating products and services to help local businesses get found online. Ten years ago, we started by helping SMBs get leads from local search results and grew our offerings to include an entire suite of online advertising and marketing solutions. We’re extremely honored to have our latest innovative solution recognized by the Local Search Association and nominated for their 2015 Ad to Action Awards. Check out our video to see what

Learn how to convert more leads into customers with ReachEdge lead nurturing. Get the free guide.

Improve Follow Up: Your Guide to ReachEdge Lead Nurturing

Having leads is great, but getting customers is even better. However, you might not have the time to provide your leads with the kinds of lead nurturing that can convert them into customers. Get the free guide to learn how ReachEdgeTM lead conversion software can help you. You’ll see how it enables you to respond to new phone and web contacts right away, and continues to nurture them with a series of automated emails. You’ll also learn how ReachEdge helps

Update your text ads to boost search advertising performance

Update Your Text Ads For Spring & Summer Search

It’s officially spring (even though in some parts of the country it may not feel like it), and you might have started spring cleaning in and around your home or business. But have you thought about refreshing your online marketing, too? One way to start is by updating the text ads you’re using for your search engine advertising campaigns. Because people are often searching for something they need or want right away, it’s important that your text ads are timely, relevant,

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3 Critical Web Presence Strategies for Local Marketing

Ten years ago, getting discovered by local searchers was relatively simple (at least compared with today). Having a website and pay per click (PPC) advertising was a solid enough web presence strategy. In 2015, as competition online grows, a solid web presence requires more than a website and a Google AdWords™ campaign. That’s because more and more consumers are turning to the web for local information. A recent Google study found that four out of five consumers use search engines

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How to Improve Your Lead Nurturing Email Open Rates

If you’re a local business, you should be using lead nurturing emails as a way to convert leads into customers. Active leads have already expressed an interest in your business and provided you with their email addresses, so with lead nurturing, you’re already marketing to a receptive audience. But, how can you make sure people are actually opening your emails so they see the compelling messages, offers, and content you’re sending? By reviewing your current email marketing and making any

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Free Guide: Manage Your Contacts and Leads with Mobile App

When a consumer contacts your business from your website or offline advertising, wouldn’t it be great if you knew right away, even when you’re not in the office? Get our free guide on how the powerful mobile app built into ReachEdgeTM lead conversion software alerts you the moment someone contacts your business so you can follow up with them immediately. Plus, see how the app puts ReachEdge’s great features at your fingertips, like listening to your call recordings, seeing your

Reasons you're not getting customers from your marketing

The Hidden Reasons People Aren’t Buying From You

You know you’re driving a ton of traffic to your website through marketing and advertising, so why aren’t you getting customers? You may not think these five things have much to do with your marketing success, but they could be the exact reasons more people aren’t buying from you. 1. Your Contact Info is Buried on Your Website Being easy to contact is a top customer service expectation, so why are businesses making it so hard for prospects to contact

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Get The Guide: Know What Marketing Gets You More Leads & Customers

Do you know which of your marketing sources, like paid search, SEO, social media, and even offline sources, are the most effective at driving leads to your business? With ReachEdgeTM lead conversion software, you can finally know what’s working. Get our free ReachEdge feature guide to discover how the lead and call tracking technology built into our software works to show you which marketing is most effective. Plus, you’ll learn how ReachEdge helps you close more sales by automatically capturing

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Get the Guide: How to Get Found on Google with ReachSEO

Google search is the number one way consumers are looking for local businesses online, and using SEO is a critical way to help your business website show up for local searchers. Whether you’re not sure where to start with SEO, or if you’ve tried SEO in the past with little to no impact, this free guide can help you learn exactly how to get found in Google’s organic search results. You’ll also learn how ReachLocal’s SEO service, ReachSEOTM, works to

Track Marketing ROI with Technology

5 Signs You Need a System to Track Your Marketing ROI

When it comes to marketing your business, it can be easy to get caught up in staying up with what’s new, managing vendors, and allocating your budget – so much so that you may overlook a key part of your marketing: determining your return on investment. Or, maybe you’re so overwhelmed by all the metrics that you don’t know where to start. Check out these five signs you might need a system to help you track your marketing ROI so