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Live from ClickZ Live San Francisco

Hello from ClickZ Live San Francisco! This event brings together an incredible lineup of digital marketing experts and professionals. And we’re live blogging it so you can get a sneak peek at some of the insights and online marketing best practices being shared. Read on for a roundup of tips, best practices, and takeaways from some of the conference’s panels and presentations, and make sure to check out the conference hashtag on Twitter at #CZLSF to see what people are saying now! Panel: Collaborate, Engage, Share: The


Another Google Search Update: Are Your Local Results Changing?

It seems like every time we blink, Google has another search algorithm update for us to chew on. The latest was a pretty major update to their local search results that Search Engine Land has nicknamed “Pigeon.” This update affects both browser searches and Google Map searches and may cause local businesses to experience either an increase or decrease in their organic search traffic. Here’s what’s in the latest update and what you need to know so your business can

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7 Tips for Creating Flawless Emails for Your Business

Is email marketing or lead nurturing part of your business marketing strategy, but you’ve found creating great emails to be a challenge? If you’re a local business who wants to improve the quality of your emails, check out these seven email marketing tips. They’ll help you to create flawless emails that not only look and sound great but also work to convert more of your leads into customers and help you to retain more existing customers. 1. Write Succinct and


Do You Have a Mobile Website? Why It Matters to Local Business

If you’ve ever conducted a search on your smartphone’s browser or a local app — and we know you have! — then you know how easy it can be. But for the local business that’s not showing up in search results, this technology can be detrimental. While mobile has become essential to many of our livelihoods, many small businesses haven’t caught on. In fact, a recent website study found that only six percent of SMBs —  yes, you read that


5 Talks That Can Boost Your Team & Your Business

Having trouble getting the most out of your marketing? One of your biggest challenges could be how well you’ve trained and developed your employees so they can support your ongoing marketing efforts.  The team that works with you every day is a huge part of your business’ effectiveness, and you should take the time to communicate with them, develop their roles, and keep them informed. In fact, providing continuous training and communication about their roles will not only help them


Behind the Marketing: The Technology that Drives ReachLocal Solutions

In the age of digital marketing, there’s one thing that can separate a good campaign from a great campaign: the technology behind it. And at ReachLocal, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes digital marketing technology work to help local businesses succeed online. Our experience running thousands of high-quality search advertising, display, retargeting, and SEO campaigns has helped us continuously refine our solutions in order to help our clients get more leads and customers online.  So, what does

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4 Steps to Powerful Lead Management for Your Local Business

Local business owners all start their businesses with different goals in mind: to use their unique skills, to solve a problem (or solve it better than competitors), to contribute to their community, or to make money from something they do well. But in order to reach those goals, it’s important for SMBs to not only focus on how to reach local consumers online, but also on how to convert them into leads and customers. That’s where great lead management comes