Report: Consumers Use Mobile Browsers for Local Business Information

Report: 69% Say They Use a Mobile Browser to Get Local Business Information

Last month, we asked readers for the top way they look for local business information on their smartphones. With 69% of responses, mobile browsers are still the most common path to finding local businesses information, according to our readers. In addition, 23% of respondents say they use maps like Google Maps, and 8% say they rely on local directory apps like Yelp to find local business information on their mobile phones. See the responses in our infographic, and let us know which method you prefer

5 text ad mistakes SMBs make in their search marketing

Unforgivable Text Ad Mistakes from Local Businesses (Part 2)

Last week, we shared the first part of our list of unforgivable text ad mistakes we see local businesses making. In addition to forgetting basics when setting up their campaigns, like target keywords, geo-targeting, and ad extensions, local businesses often overlook some other important details of their search ads — details that can be detrimental to their advertising results. Mistake #6: Failing to Remove Outdated Offers Nothing will deter someone from clicking on your ad faster than an outdated offer. If it is

Don't lose business with these text ad mistakes

Unforgivable Text Ad Mistakes from Local Businesses (Part 1)

Search engine advertising, or pay per click advertising, is a fantastic way to drive more traffic to your website and, ultimately, more leads for your business. The first step in getting new leads through pay per click advertising is to get potential customers to notice your text ad. But with over 1.2 million businesses advertising via pay per click advertising, competition for visibility on search engines is fierce. It’s all the more reason you need to avoid these 10 common

In App Mobile Advertising for Local Businesses

ReachDisplay InApp Provides Mobile Ads for Local Businesses

Today, we’re announcing ReachDisplay InApp™, a mobile advertising solution that gives local businesses a new way to target mobile consumers in top mobile apps. This new solution allows local businesses to advertise in a variety of mobile apps, targeting consumers based on how close they are to the business at that point in time. Plus, the ads display dynamically to the consumer, showing them information they can act on immediately, like a map to the business location, multiple calls to

ReachLocal Remarks: Mobile In App Advertising

[Video] ReachLocal CEO on Making Mobile Work for Local Business

Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices for shopping activities and for conducting pre-purchase research on their smartphones. If your online marketing isn’t mobile ready, there’s a good chance you might be missing out on relevant customers and losing them to your competitors. ReachDisplay InApp is just one of several offerings in ReachLocal’s total digital marketing system that ensures local businesses have what they need to compete in the rapidly growing mobile ecosystem. Watch ReachLocal CEO Sharon Rowlands discuss how mobile

ReachEdge Lead Conversion Infographic

How Lead Conversion Software Helps SMBs Get More Customers [Infographic]

When you get a phone call from a new prospect, what steps do you take to ensure that they become a customer? Do you: Respond to their call as soon as possible? Record all their information? Follow up with them? Send email offers and product information? Track calls, emails, and forms back to the original marketing source? Know which marketing works best to get you customers? ReachEdge lead conversion software from ReachLocal simplifies all of these tasks for local businesses,

ReachLocal customer experience wins ACE award

ReachLocal Wins Confirmit ACE Award for Customer Experience

Providing a great customer experience is something all businesses should strive to achieve, including ours. Every day, we work to build client relationships across our business, from the first meeting with a digital marketing consultant to every conversation with our expert service teams. This dedication to our clients is the reason we’re excited to be awarded a 2015 Confirmit ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Award for our ability to mine the Voice of the Customer and improve business results. Client

April 2015 Poll Results What's Your Bissgest Fear About the Competition?

46% Say They Fear the Competition is Taking Existing Customers

In the latest ReachLocal poll, we asked readers, “What’s your biggest fear about the competition?” and the results are in. The majority (46%) said they fear their business competitors are taking their existing customers while 27% fear the competition’s prices are more competitive. In addition, 18% of respondents said they fear competitors are better at marketing and 9% fear competitors’ businesses look better than theirs. Check out our infographic below for all of these results.

Use mobile phone to look for local business information

Poll: How Do You Get Local Information on Mobile?

How do you look for a local business? If you’re like 87% of consumers, you turn to your smartphone to search for local business information. There are many ways and places you can use a mobile device, whether you’re searching for a local product or service, looking up directions or contact information, or getting reviews and recommendations about a nearby business. Vote in our poll now to tell us the number one way you look for local information on mobile.   Create your own user feedback survey


ReachLocal’s ReachEdge Finalist for “New Product of the Year” in 2015 American Business Awards

By delivering innovative website software that helps local businesses get more from their marketing efforts, ReachEdgeTM lead conversion software provides local business owners marketing insights without taking their attention away from running their business. This solution gives businesses transparency into their digital marketing so they know what sources are really driving leads for their business. That’s why we’re excited to announce that ReachEdge was recently named a finalist in the “New Product or Service of the Year — Lead Generation Solution,”