How to Improve Your Landing Pages

How to Create Landing Pages Search Engines (and Leads) Will Love

Your landing page can make or break the success of your PPC campaign. Throughout the life of your campaign, search engines crawl your website and use a combination of automated tools and real employees trained to assess your landing pages. If these automated tools and professionals think that your landing page offers a poor user experience, you may see lower quality score, a lower ad position over time, and the search engines may prevent your ads from showing as often as you’d like or

What are identity photos

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Information Using Identity Photos

Using Google My Business is an effective way to help local searchers find information about your business when they search on Google. By verifying and updating your business information via Google My Business, you are ensuring the accuracy and completeness of your business listing on Google Maps, Google+, and the Google search engine. But what can you do to give yourself an even better chance of appearing in Google’s local search and map results? Google provides a number of suggestions

Social Media for Healthcare

How to Create Amazing Social Posts for Your Healthcare Business

Social media can be a great way for your healthcare business to provide a social hub for your patients and give potential patients an idea of what to expect when they visit your office. But, what exactly are the best types of posts for your healthcare business on social media? Here are a few suggestions and best practices for social posts you can share from your healthcare business. Share Fun Facts or Trivia Sharing fun facts and trivia can get

Web presence tips

5 Essential Tips for a Healthy Web Presence

Every piece of information about you online is a part of your web presence, from your business website to a little-known local directory. It’s vital that you address all of the information about your business in all these places, because any part of your presence that’s outdated, inaccurate, or completely missing can result in lost business. Here are five tips for updating your web presence. 1. Perfect Your Business Website Your business website is the center of your entire web

Bakery owner empty store

True Story: How Bad Local Listings Cost You Business

Recently, I was sitting in a waiting room for an appointment, making use of this unproductive time by checking things off the to-do list for an upcoming birthday party. High on the list: call my favorite local bakery to pre-order cupcakes for the event so I could pick them up on time. Easy, right? I did what most of us would do in a situation like that. I pulled out my smartphone, opened my Google Maps app, and typed in

Best Digital Marketing Tips

9 Can’t-Miss Marketing Tips from Our Most Popular Posts Ever

What are some of the top marketing tips we’ve ever shared on the ReachLocal blog? We looked at the numbers on our top content and put together this roundup of important digital marketing advice that you need to know today. Here’s a look at the top marketing tips from our most popular posts of all time: 1. Optimize Your Display Campaigns with Clear Calls to Action One of our most popular posts of all time shares the five most important elements of

ReachLocal Reviews: G&M Auto Repair

Review: Auto Repair Shop Sees More Leads with ReachLocal

G&M Auto Repair is an auto inspection, repair, and preventative maintenance business. John Wright purchased G&M Auto in 2014 and wanted a way to modernize his web presence and reach more customers online. Wright knew he needed to work with a digital marketing vendor to update his marketing plan, and he chose ReachLocal to help him modernize his marketing approach. The ReachLocal team set up G&M Auto Repair with a comprehensive suite of services to help Wright update his website,

Google My Business Ebook

Master Google My Business with Our New Ebook

Google My Business is a free tool from Google to help you publish your business information to Google+, Google Maps, and other listings and sites from Google. Having your information claimed and optimized via Google My Business can help you appear in local search results for your products and services and give you a better chance of getting into Google’s 3-pack – the three map results shown when conducting a local search. Without accurate and up to date information on

Complaints - responding online

5 Steps for Handling Online Complaints

Unfortunately, online complaints are a fact of life for today’s businesses. You strive to provide an excellent experience for customers, so it’s natural to feel a little down when you see a negative review or complaint pop up online. When you receive a negative review or a complaint on your social media pages, local listings, or review sites, the best thing to do is to respond so you let your prospects and customers know you care about their feedback and

Local Marketing Report 2016 from ReachLocal

2016 Local Marketing Trends [Report]

ReachLocal surveyed local businesses about their current digital marketing efforts and their goals for 2016. In this report, you’ll find what 500 local businesses said they will focus on in 2016 along with some of the top trends that emerged for local marketers to consider this year. Here’s a summary of the findings, followed by an infographic of the report, details, and stats that emerged. Social Media, Search Engines & Mobile Top Themes Social media, search engines, and mobile continue to