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Get Answers from Google in Our Upcoming 5 in 15 Webinar

Google can be a mystery, and many local business owners have questions they may never get answers to. But, what if we told you that you could have the chance to ask Google a question? In our next 5 in 15 Webinar: 5 Questions You Always Wanted Google to Answer, Bo Pulito, Google’s Strategy Partner Manager, will join us to answer some common questions from local business owners and take additional questions from webinar participants. While Bo won’t be able

Google Ads Change Yellow to Green

Google Search Ads Update: Seeing Green

Have you noticed the ad labels on Google search results pages are now green instead of yellow? Last month, Google started using a green “Ad” label on its text ads across mobile, desktop, and Maps search results globally. Google search ads now feature both a green ad label and a green display URL. Google started using yellow ad labels in 2013 to help users tell its search ads apart from organic links in accordance with FTC guidelines. In an effort to

ReachLocal Review Sussman and Simcox

Law Firm Quadruples Web Traffic with ReachLocal Marketing Solutions

At ReachLocal, we love hearing how our clients are able to grow their businesses and reach their marketing goals when they use our digital marketing solutions. One client, Sussman & Simcox Attorneys at Law, tells how they were able to attract new clients with a digital marketing strategy that included search engine advertising, SEO, lead capture and marketing automation software, and an updated website that can help capture and convert leads. The firm was looking for a way to bring

ReachSEO video from ReachLocal

ReachSEO: How it Helps Local Businesses Get Found Online [Video]

The only constant of search engine optimization is that it’s always changing. And the more resources search engines like Google invest in making their organic search algorithms better, the more important doing effective SEO becomes for local businesses. To mirror this level of investment search engines put into their algorithms, we’re also constantly investing in our technology and people to help local businesses get more from their digital marketing. One way we’re doing this is with ReachSEO, an enhanced search engine optimization service


ReachLocal Joins Gannett

ReachLocal started in 2004 with the mission of helping local businesses grow. First with the introduction of ReachSearch and growing to become a total digital marketing system, we are now a leader in the space putting digital media solutions and services to work to help over 16,000 customers on five continents. The partnership we have with our customers has been crucial in giving us the feedback and insights to develop our award winning solutions and achieve the successes we have

How to Hack the Facebook News Feed

How to (Kind of) Hack the Facebook News Feed

In our 5 in 15 Webinar: 5 Secrets of the Facebook News Feed, we discussed what you need to know about the News Feed, and how you can use that information to better tailor your Facebook marketing strategy. Three “secrets” of the News Feed include: The News Feed is Facebook’s top feature. Links and video outperform any other content type on the News Feed. The News Feed algorithm encourages engaging content. So, what do these “secrets” mean for you as

Search advertising + SEO

3 Ways Combining Search Advertising + SEO Enhances Your Digital Marketing

Many people look at search advertising and SEO as two separate marketing strategies. And, while they do yield different results and can help you reach different goals, there are many ways that your search advertising and SEO efforts can complement each other and lead to a more successful strategy online. Here are three ways using search advertising and SEO can enhance your digital marketing. 1. Increase Brand Awareness Combining search advertising and SEO provides extra exposure on the search engine

Facebook News Feed Ads and Boosted Facebook Posts

Facebook News Feed Ads vs. Boosted Posts: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between boosting a post on Facebook and running a News Feed ad? Is boosting your post the same as a News Feed ad on Facebook? Is a boosted post part of Facebook advertising? It can be confusing to understand how these types of Facebook ads work, so let us walk through some key differences between Facebook News Feed ads and boosted Facebook posts to help you determine which is best for meeting your

How Google RankBrain Impacts Your SEO

What is Google RankBrain & What Does It Mean for SEO?

Have you heard about Google RankBrain? This somewhat new SEO ranking signal has become integral to the way Google is processing a lot of its search queries. Basically, Google is using RankBrain, an artificial intelligence and machine learning system, to help its organic search algorithm understand search queries and deliver more relevant search results to users. Read on to learn more about how RankBrain works and how it’s impacting your SEO. What Exactly is RankBrain? RankBrain is one of the top three

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Where are your marketing leads coming from?

4 Ways to Track Where Your Marketing Leads are Coming From

Wouldn’t you like to know which marketing tactics – like PPC, SEO, social media, etc. – are bringing in the most leads for your business? Tracking your leads is an important way to determine how well your marketing is actually working. If you don’t have a system in place for tracking the source of your marketing leads already, here are four ways you can determine where they are really coming from. 1. Asking Leads Directly The good news is that


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