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    More Students, More ROI: One Education Client's ReachLocal Success Story [Video]

    Last updated 10 months ago

    One of our goals at ReachLocal is helping local businesses of all types reach their customers online. With one education client, we did just that.

    In this customer review video, a local art school reveals how ReachLocal helped them increase new business, allowing them to open a second location in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hear firsthand how Young at Art uses ReachSearch search engine advertising, TotalTrack offline advertising tracking, and the ReachLocal mobile app, to not only get leads, but also to measure the number of leads they are getting from their marketing efforts so they can spend their budget more effectively. The result?  More leads for a lower cost. 

    Watch the video review now to see how they did it:

    “After we brought ReachLocal on to help us with our advertising, we did a TotalTrack of our paper ads and found that the phone calls we were getting were far less than what ReachLocal was providing us. Our company Young at Art has grown because of ReachLocal’s online advertising.” – Paul Wood, Owner, Young At Art

    Visit the ReachLocal Education website to see more ReachLocal Reviews from other education clients. 

    About the Author

    Paul Herrera, Marketing Manager for Education and Specialty Services, provides small and medium-size businesses and B2C brands with information about local online advertising, social media, and content marketing as a writer for the ReachLocal blog.

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    Report: 61% of Mobile Searchers Say Click-to-Call Most Important Feature

    Last updated 10 months ago

    When it comes to online search, the phone call is still an incredibly valuable path to purchase for both consumers and small businesses. And, now that mobile search is increasingly more common, it’s no surprise that consumers want the ability to call a local business directly from their mobile website.

    In fact, a recent Google survey of 3,000 mobile searchers found that the majority, or 61%, of consumers said having click-to-call functionality was important in making a purchase. This illustration from Search Engine Land shows that it’s more important in the purchase phase than in any other phase of the consumer buying journey

    This ability is extremely important in the local space, with 76% of consumers saying they would use mobile call features to schedule an appointment for local services. This fact further emphasizes the need for local businesses to not only have a mobile-optimized website, but to also have visible click-to-call functionality to aid consumers in their purchase process. 

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    3 Easy Ways to Stay Top of Mind With Your Leads

    Last updated 10 months ago

    After prospects have visited your website, called, or emailed you, they’ve converted into leads. But chances are they’re not ready to make a purchasing decision. This stage of the customer buyer journey is typically research-based; i.e., your leads need preliminary information about prices, products, or services. They’re also evaluating your company for its overall customer service and professionalism. And, they’re most likely contacting your competitors during this phase, too.

    After your leads have expressed initial interest in your company, you need to continue to stay top of mind with them throughout their purchase process. That way when the time does come for them to make a decision, you’re the company they choose. This doesn’t have to be a difficult or mysterious process. With some basic lead management practices, you can stay top of mind with your leads and ultimately earn more of their business.

    1. Bring Them Back With Retargeting

    After leads have visited your website, you can continue to reach them with banner ads as they surf the Web. Using technology known as site retargeting, you can remind them of your business so they return to your website. For example, let’s say you’re a dentist in Dallas, Texas and a prospective new patient visits your website. After reading several pages on your site, he leaves your website and visits other potentially unrelated sites across the Web. Because he has already visited your site, the retargeting technology can identify him as an interested shopper and show your display ad to him as he continues to surf the Web. It’s a perfect opportunity to re-engage him with a promotional offer like “Half Off Teeth Whitening” and a strong call to action like “Book Your Free Consultation Today” so he will click the ad and return to your website. By staying top of mind with your lead while he was in the consideration phase, you can encourage him take another step toward becoming a customer. 

    2. Call Your Leads Back Quickly and Ask Questions

    Did you know that up to half of consumers buy from the businesses that respond back to them first? If you rely on a voicemail system or answering service to help you manage the calls coming into your business, it’s important to return those quickly – within the first hour is ideal. The longer you wait, the greater the chances that a competitor will reach your prospects before you do. When you do follow up with your leads, be prepared to collect pertinent information such as their email address, location, and the reason for their call if they didn’t tell you when they contacted you. For instance, did they want to set an appointment for an initial consultation? Were they interested in a specific product? Do they need pricing information, etc.? This information not only enables you to help your lead, it also gives you background information you can use in follow-up communications.

    3. Follow Up With Emails

    Emails are a great way to stay top of mind with your leads and previous customers. Following up with these consumers with links to relevant industry articles, alerts about upcoming sales and special promotions, news about your products and services, and testimonials from happy customers are just a few topics you can include in follow-up emails. By providing timely, personal, and helpful information, you can build your business relationship with your prospects so that when they’re ready to buy, you’ve increased your chance at earning the sale.

    How do you stay top of mind with your leads? Let us know with a comment!


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    About the Author

    Amy Neeley helps small- and medium-size businesses navigate the online marketing world with insights and information featured on the ReachLocal blog. Connect with her on Twitter.


    Announcing ReachEdge to Help Local Businesses Get More Customers

    Last updated 10 months ago

    If you’re like other local businesses, you’re looking for ways to get more customers from your marketing spend. But the problem is, you are unknowingly leaking good leads from your marketing efforts. That’s because you may not have a website that’s built for conversions, don’t follow up with leads quickly or regularly, and don’t know which of your marketing sources are working.

    To help you solve these problems, we’re announcing ReachEdge, our new marketing system that helps you eliminate costly leaks while driving more customers from your marketing.

    ReachEdge is a total marketing system that includes a smart website, automated lead management software, and a powerful mobile app that work together to get you more leads and customers. ReachEdge:

    • Gets you more leads with a smart, mobile-friendly website that’s optimized for conversions like calls, emails, and form submissions
    • Alerts you via email or mobile to every new lead, so you never miss a customer opportunity, and builds your lead list automatically
    • Reminds you and your staff to follow up with new inquiries and hot leads so you turn more of them into customers
    • Automatically emails active leads with offers, promotions, and testimonials, etc. that keep you top of mind as they make a buying decision
    • Shows you exactly where your leads and customers are coming from, such as paid advertising, organic marketing, and social media, so you can make better decisions about your marketing budget

    Watch the video below to see how the ReachEdge system automates your marketing to get you more customers. 

    In short, we built ReachEdge so you don’t have to worry about managing multiple, disparate systems to get more customers. This integrated system engages and converts more site visitors, ensures you never miss a new lead, automatically follows up with your best leads, and shows you your ROI, all so you can get more customers. 

    Learn more or contact us to discover how our total marketing system can help your business get more customers online.

    Online Display Advertising on the Rise [Study]

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Thinking about spending marketing dollars on online display advertising? You’re not alone. According to findings published by Econsultancy, in association with Rubicon Project, companies continued to increase their spending on online display advertising during the past four years. The study, “Online Advertisers Survey Report,” notes that 67% of respondents indicated they increased their online spending, compared to 57% of respondents in 2009. Just 14% of respondents indicated they decreased their online display advertising.

    In his recent article, writer David Moth notes that this trend is a combination of a stabilizing economy and increased confidence in online display advertising’s ability to deliver value.

    The survey asked 1,000 advertisers and publishers, “Has your spending on online display advertising gone up or down in the last year?” The responses are illustrated in the chart below.

    Are you planning on allocating your marketing budget toward display advertising?

    ReachLocal offers online display advertising and retargeting to help SMBs build awareness online. Learn more about our services.

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