Best Practices for Creating Landing Pages that Convert

You’re probably doing everything you can to attract new consumers online, but what are you doing to get consumers to convert into a lead, either by calling, emailing, filling out a web form, or taking some other action? Because you only have a few seconds to capture consumers’ interest online, it’s critical that you present a quality landing page – the page that appears when a consumer clicks on an online ad – to help drive more conversions for your


4 Reasons You Don’t Have to Be First to Win Search Engine Marketing

When it comes to investing in search engine marketing, the climb to the top of the search engine results can get expensive. You may be trying to drive more clicks from potential customers by positioning yourself as the highest bidder for keywords relevant to your business. But, having your ads placed in the first position doesn’t guarantee that your campaign is generating more qualified leads or more revenue for your business. There are several key factors you have to consider


How To: Respond to a Negative Twitter Reply or Complaint

In the area of reputation management, we spend a lot of time talking about how to reply to negative reviews and complaints. But, what happens when someone posts a negative comment about your brand on a site like Twitter? Since Twitter’s structure and user experience is very different and more dynamic than a typical review site, there’s more potential for a negative comment to spread socially. But, due to the quick movement of content on the platform, responding as soon

What Local Businesses Should Say to New Callers

5 Things You Should Be Saying to Prospects When They Call

A phone call is the number one conversion many local businesses want from their prospects. But, when they do call you, does someone answer the phone? And when your staff does speak to prospects, are they asking the right questions to qualify them and move them toward a purchase? For best practices on how to talk to prospects, here are the five call handling best practices every local business should follow. 1. Hello! The simplest answer is often the right

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5 Reasons You Really Need SEO

SEO is one of only two marketing methods a business can use to improve their chances of being found on the first page of Google, Bing, and other search engines. While PPC offers instant visibility for your keywords, coupling this strategy with SEO can improve your chances of driving users to your website and allows you to present users with a better experience overall. SEO is earned by creating a website that offers high-quality, relevant information for both searchers and


5 Ways to Repair Your Online Presence Before the Holidays

The internet has become the go-to destination for holiday shoppers. They use it to research businesses or products, make purchases, and more. So, it’s the ideal time to make sure your online presence is in tip-top shape so prospects looking for your products and services see only the best about your business. And, it’s never too late to make sure your business is prepared! Update Your PPC Campaigns with Your Latest Offers One of the first ways prospects may interact


7 Ways to Refresh Your Marketing with an Image Makeover in 2019

Kicking off the new year with a fresh presence online is a great way to jumpstart your online marketing efforts for 2019. One simple way to add a new element to your business web presence is with updated images. Try these ideas to refresh your marketing with an image makeover. 1. Update Your Professional Headshot A great, professional headshot is priceless – it can convey your personality and friendliness to consumers who are considering working with your business. And, chances

Improving Customer Loyalty

I’ve Got New Customers, Now What?

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season, it can be easy to focus on generating as much new business as possible. But don’t shortchange your business by forgetting to do some of these basics to help you create loyal customers not just during times of peak interest, but throughout the year. Here are seven must-dos to make the most out of each new customer you get. 1. Get Their Email Address! Landing a new customer is an


3 Reasons Adding Live Chat is Good for Business

Allow me to introduce the unsung hero of customer acquisition and retention: live chat for your website. If your business doesn’t already have a live chat product, then you’re missing out on a great way to engage potential and existing customers. While live chat is effective for capturing information about customer service issues, it’s also much more than that. When used correctly, it can be the swiss-army knife of one’s digital presence. Here are three specific reasons why adding live


4 SEO Violations That Can Kill Your Rank

SEO violations can damage your website’s organic visibility and make it harder for you to appear in search results. What harmful SEO tactics should you stay away from and what should you do instead? Here are four SEO violations that can kill your website in search and a few basics to keep in mind when determining your SEO tactics.  1. Black Hat SEO Search quality updates, like Panda and Penguin in Google’s search algorithm, help ensure that searchers receive the most


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