2016 Local Marketing Trends [Report]

ReachLocal surveyed local businesses about their current digital marketing efforts and their goals for 2016. In this local marketing report, you’ll find what 500 local businesses said they will focus on in 2016, along with some of the top current marketing trends that emerged for local marketers to consider this year. Here’s a summary of the findings, followed by an infographic of the report, details, and stats that emerged.

Social Media, Search Engines & Mobile Top Themes

Social media, search engines, and mobile continue to be strong themes in reaching local consumers for 2016. On both social media and search engines, local businesses will invest in both paid and organic programs to leverage the incremental results of doing both together. Mobile is also a strong theme for local marketing in 2016 and a necessary tactic for any business trying to reach local consumers. A strong mobile web presence that includes a mobile-friendly website along with a presence in mobile maps, local listings, and mobile apps is key.

Getting the Competitive Edge with Emerging Technologies

In-app advertising, retargeting, content marketing, video marketing, and local listing and reputation management are effective marketing tactics that may set you apart from the competition. What’s more, many of these tactics that have been dominated by larger brands in recent years continue to become more affordable and accessible to small and local businesses, making them important marketing venues to explore in 2016.

2016 Local Marketing Report ReachLocal

Your Marketing Strategy for 2016
What are your plans for local marketing in 2016? How do your plans align with other local businesses? Are you investing in social media, search engine marketing, and a mobile website and web presence? With the right mix of established and emerging marketing tactics, you can reach more local customers and grow your business in 2016.

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