5 Essential Tips for a Healthy Web Presence

Web presence tips

Every piece of information about you online is a part of your web presence, from your business website to a little-known local directory. It’s vital that you address all of the information about your business in all these places, because any part of your presence that’s outdated, inaccurate, or completely missing can result in lost business. Here are five tips for updating your web presence.

1. Perfect Your Business Website

Your business website is the center of your entire web presence, so it’s crucial that you put a lot of effort into making it as great as possible. Your website serves multiple purposes, and you need to think about them all when building a new site or updating an existing one. For starters, make sure it meets these key criteria so it gets found and generates leads:

2. Set Up Google My Business

Google My Business isn’t really a place where you can get found online, but it’s a single hub that syndicates your business information to key Google properties like Google search, Google Maps, and Google+. Now that Google’s local listings are more prominent than ever in local search results, your business needs to have a robust presence there. Our complete Google My Business Guide features all the steps you need to take to make sure your business is listed there and that it stands out against the competition.

3. Manage Your Local Business Listings

Local business listings other than Google are an important part of your overall web presence – and a key factor in your website’s visibility in search results. Managing your business listings on all the common and niche business sites out there – such as Citysearch, Superpages.com, and Yelp – will not only help your business get found in more places but will also present an accurate and compelling picture of your business to those who find you. To get started, you can Google your business name and see what’s already being shown about your business online.

4. Build Your Social Media Presence

I’m not saying your business needs to sign up for every social media site like Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram out there. But, you do need an active presence on a few key social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, depending on your business industry and goals. Most local businesses can benefit from having a robust Facebook page and sharing content like tips, images, events, blog posts, Q&As, and videos, as well as responding to customer service questions and comments. Plus, running paid ads on the platform can help you reach more target consumers who aren’t already fans of your page.

5. Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Isn’t YouTube just another social media site? Not exactly. Unlike other social sites, YouTube delivers a unique type of content (video), engagement goals, and search optimization functionality, so you need a strategy there that’s just as unique. To get the most out of your YouTube channel, you need to create quality, engaging, and helpful videos, and optimize them for SEO by including keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and tags. Then, take advantage of options like playlists, video annotations and captions, internal linking, and video ads that can help your target audience discover your videos when they search.

Every part of your web presence works together to build your brand, boost your SEO, and ultimately drive new prospects to your business, so it’s critical to review all of them and make sure they’re showing your business in a good light.

Which of these web presence updates is a top priority to your business? Let us know in the comments.

Tamara Weintraub

Tamara is a content marketing manager at ReachLocal with over 7 years experience in B2B marketing and has a nerd-level affinity for software and technology. She specializes in helping local businesses succeed online, writing and learning about Google, search advertising, SEO, and social media marketing. When she's not writing about online marketing, you can find her watching cult TV and hanging out with her Doberman.

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