7 of the Most Essential Marketing Tips for Legal Services

When it comes to getting new clients, attorneys and other businesses providing legal services rely heavily on timeliness. From making sure that prospective clients find them quickly to having the tools in place to respond to people as soon as possible, being the first to call back can be what signs new clients.

In this infographic from Google, you’ll learn how people use the web to find legal businesses like yours and stats that prove it. Plus, we provide a few marketing tips based on these insights for legal service providers to make sure that you’re the one consumers choose.

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Stat: 74% of prospects beginning a search online end up contacting the office via phone.

Tip #1: Answer or reply quickly to every caller.

Consider this: almost 40% of people looking for a legal service provider begin online, and nearly all of those begin a search on a search engine (I guess “Any good suggestions for a good [insert type] lawyer?” isn’t a very popular social media post). And, having almost three-quarters of prospects who find you online actually call you is very significant. That means it’s critical that your staff answers phone calls immediately or that you have a way to instantly know when you get a new call and an easy way to follow up with that caller.

Tip #2: Provide alternate ways for prospects to contact you.

Although the majority of contacts legal services receive come from telephone calls, you should still consider providing alternate contact methods for the other 26% of prospects. Live chat services, easy-to-complete web forms, and a prominent email address on your site are all great alternatives for consumers who may not be able to call you right away.

Tip #3: Know which marketing sources drive new leads.

If you run search ads, invest in search engine optimization, or have taken the effort to claim and optimize your local listings, then make sure you know which of these are working to drive you leads and clients. By enabling an advanced tracking system like ReachEdgeTM, you can see exactly what sources are driving new calls, web forms, and emails to your business – and even which of those are converting into clients.


Stat: 71% of people look for an attorney within 25 miles.

Tip #1: Optimize your digital marketing to focus on local prospects.

For prospects searching for attorneys, location is key. A local attorney can be more convenient for things like meetings or making payments, especially if your business is in a large city or metroplex. Even if it’s not, localizing your content and advertising campaigns for your general area can help ensure that prospects in your area find your business. For example, for digital advertising — like search ads, display ads, retargeting ads, Facebook ads, and video ads — you can set your campaigns to reach people within a specific radius around your ZIP code or within a designated metro area.

Tip #2: Localize Your SEO.

For your organic results, make sure your address is clearly listed on local online directories, your website, and social media pages so that you show up in local results and map results. Plus, making sure they’re all consistent can boost your site’s visibility in search. In addition, using local semantic markup and local keywords in your website’s content and metadata can help more consumers find your law firm when they conduct a local search.


Stat: 69% of prospects use a combination of smartphone and PC to search for legal services. 

Tip #1: Have a mobile site that makes it easy for people to contact you.

Today, many people don’t distinguish between desktop search and mobile search: it’s all just “search.”  But if you haven’t taken the time to improve your practice’s mobile experience, then there’s a good chance that you could be missing potential leads. And since 31% of traffic to legal-related websites comes from mobile devices, it’s important to have a mobile website that not only looks good on any device but also works. That means making it easy for prospects to browse your website, having your location and phone number front and center (and enabling it for click-to-call), and that any forms you have are easy to complete.

Tip #2: Claim, Optimize, and Monitor Your Local Listings.

Another key reason to claim your local listings? They power search results on mobile map and app searches. If you’ve ever used Google Maps, Apple Maps, or an app like Yelp on your smartphone to find a local business, chances are your prospects have too. So, make sure they don’t just find you, but that your listings include compelling information and positive reviews from previous clients – which means always providing an optimal customer experience! And if you see a negative review? Take care to address the problem in your business and respond publicly so potential clients can see that you really care.


Is your legal practice using any of these tips already to generate new leads? What other tips do you find make it easiest for potential clients to contact you? Let us know in a comment!


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