7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Facebook

Even though Facebook is the most widely used social network, there is still so much to learn about it! It is constantly changing, and keeping up with the latest updates can be a time-consuming task, especially for a local business owner. We’ve broken down seven things you might not know about Facebook and how they affect your business.

1. Facebook Reactions

Facebook reactions are a new feature. For years, Facebook users have been asking for a “Dislike” button, and Facebook’s response was to provide even more ways to react to a post. You can now react with a Like, Love, Wow, Sad, or Angry button. This will provide your customers the opportunity to give even more specific feedback to your posts, and help determine what your customers love to see.

2. Verified Pages

Within the past year, Facebook has been rolling out the option for businesses to verify their pages. Similar to verifying a Google listing, Facebook will call your business with a verification code to confirm legitimacy. Once a page is verified, a white checkmark will appear next to the business name, and the page will show up higher in search results. Verifying your page is a great way to let your customers know they are visiting the correct page for your business.

3. Over a BILLION Active Facebook Users

In January, Facebook released reports stating that there are 1.59 billion, not million, monthly active users, making it the most-used social networking site. With numbers like these, it proves that your customer is on Facebook, so you should be, too!

4. Insights

Facebook Insights give you a way to measure how your business page is performing, and can provide information on how to better utilize your page to connect with customers and prospects. You can find reporting on the demographics of users engaging with your page, the best time to post for increased reach, and which posts perform the best. These kinds of stats can help you to create quality posts that your customers will actually see and engage with!

5. Trending Topics

Not only is Facebook a place for people to connect, it is also becoming one of the most popular ways people get their daily news. With the Trending feature on Facebook, users can discover the most popular news and topics of the moment. The trending articles are even broke down into categories:

  • Top Trends
  • Politics
  • Science and Technology
  • Sports
  • Entertainment

6. 50 million Small Business Pages on Facebook

These numbers prove that if you aren’t on Facebook, your competition probably is. Facebook is the social network for effective digital marketing and connecting with your local customers and prospects.

7. 500 Million People Use Events Every Month

Let your customers know about special events you have going on in your store or with your business through Facebook. Not only is creating an event on Facebook a fast and easy way to distribute information to potential customers, Facebook automatically reminds them, so they’re more likely to attend your event after RSVPing.

Do you use Facebook for your business? What are some of your favorite features or ones you would like to learn more about? Let us know, and we could feature it in one of our upcoming blog posts!

Bailey Young

Bailey Young is a Digital Marketing Manager at ReachLocal. She enjoys working with small businesses to plan and implement creative campaigns across social media sites and their business blog. When she's not at work, she likes playing sand volleyball, being an avid Harry Potter fan, and snuggling with her golden retriever, Gandalf.

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