Can You Close More Sales with a Smart Website? [VIDEO]

How smart is your website? Does it collect and store information about each of your leads – even if they call you? Does it help you close more sales by reminding you and your staff to follow up with qualified leads? Can it send automated marketing emails that keep you top of mind with interested prospects? And most importantly, does it tell you which of your marketing sources gets you the most customers?

What if your website could do all of this, helping you see the ROI of all your marketing in one place?

ReachEdge™ lead conversion software turns your ordinary website into a smart website that captures leads from your marketing, helps you convert more of them into customers, and shows you exactly how well each of your marketing efforts is working.

Check out our series of short videos to see ReachEdge in action.


Learn more about how ReachEdge can transform your small business today.



Jenni Williams

Jenni is a Senior Manager, Content Marketing at ReachLocal with over 11 years experience in digital marketing. Jenni specializes in helping SMBs amplify their marketing efforts online, and her marketing expertise includes social media marketing, online advertising, website content, and promotions. She frequently hosts webinars and has published published multiple blogs on online marketing topics for SMBs.

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