Case Study: 5 Ways A Plumbing Business Drives More Revenue with ReachCommerce

5 Ways A Plumbing Business Drives More Revenue with ReachCommerce

Schuelke Plumbing AZ, a full-service plumbing company, wanted to improve the efficiency of its business processes and increase their revenue. Like many plumbing companies, they relied on manual processes and limited point software solutions to manage scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and payment processing. Looking for a more profitable way to manage these processes, Schuelke Plumbing implemented ReachCommerce, an online commerce software solution that helps businesses increase bookings and reduce operating costs. With this new solution, they saw huge gains in efficiency that enabled them to service more customers and improve their revenue per job.

These efficiency gains resulted in:

  • 58% increase in appointments per week
  • 24% increase in average revenue per job
  • Massive reduction in time spent processing payments and paperwork

Read this ReachCommerce case study to see five ways Schuelke Plumbing uses ReachCommerce to improve business processes and increase revenue.

1. Route Technicians More Effectively

With ReachCommerce’s online scheduling dashboard, Schuelke Plumbing can easily add appointments to the schedule as soon as they are received, using the system’s routing recommendations to optimize schedules based on optimal driving distances. This has saved Schuelke Plumbing many hours each week creating the schedule manually as well as reduced the amount of time technicians spent driving back and forth across town. This resulted in an increased the number of appointments they could book in a day.

2. Easily Track and Communicate with Technicians

Using the ReachCommerce app on the iPads included with the ReachCommerce system, technicians have their daily schedule including maps and customer information at their fingertips. The dispatcher can see where each technician is throughout the day and receives notifications if a technician is running late, enabling the dispatcher to notify customers and even send a different technician if possible. “Our technicians are able to see their schedule so they’re able to get there on time and not be late. The communication between the office and the field has been cut down extremely by usage of the iPads and ReachCommerce,” Don Paz, owner of Schuelke Plumbing AZ, explains.

3. Create Digital Estimate Templates

Inconsistent estimates were often causing Schuelke Plumbing to under- or over- charge customers for services. The ReachCommerce app standardizes this estimate process for them, reducing the time required for a technician to create an estimate from 30 minutes to five minutes. Customers also prefer the ReachCommerce digital estimates to the written estimates that were often difficult to read or understand.

4. Process Credit Cards On Site

Unlike writing a credit card number down on an invoice or taking a carbon imprint of a card, using a mobile credit card reader (like the one provided by ReachCommerce) enables instant and secure credit card processing and ensures compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) rules. Schuelke Plumbing saved both time and credit card processing fees while giving their customers the peace of mind of knowing their credit card information was secure.

5. Digitize Estimates, Payments, and Invoicing

The ability to process credit cards on-site and automatically tie the payment to a digital invoice helped reduce the amount of time Schuelke Plumbing spent managing accounting processes. Customers instantly get a receipt emailed to them once payment is complete, and the ReachCommerce administrative dashboard automatically records invoices and payments. This change allowed Shuelke Plumbings’s administrative staff to reduce time spent processing payments and invoices from four to five hours per day down to less than one hour per day.

Want to learn more about how ReachCommerce helped Schuelke Plumbing improve efficiency and reduce operating costs? Download their entire ReachCommerce case study to learn more.

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