Congratulations to Asta Reklaityte, our ReachLocal Star of 2011!

ReachLocal Star Award

As ReachLocal has grown over the years into a truly global enterprise, it’s critical that we stay true to the core values that have shaped our success from the start. So this year, we introduced a new award to recognize one outstanding employee who best embodies three guiding principles:

  1. Team First. The ReachLocal Star embodies the spirit of always putting the team first. They don’t have an ego or play politics but instead build trusted relationships, which is why everyone always want him/her on their team. The ReachLocal star is the glue that holds the team, department and office together because they treat everyone they encounter with kindness, respect and professionalism. And with an upbeat, positive attitude like theirs, they inspire everyone around them and make work fun.
  2. Servant Leadership. At work and in the community, the ReachLocal Star works tirelessly to serve those around him/her, and in doing so, motivates everyone else to do the same. This transformative person makes a positive impact on the professional and personal lives of everyone they encounter by going above and beyond the call in everything they do. It’s not just what they achieve, it’s how they achieve it – and the ReachLocal Star is the perfect example of that.
  3. Customer Focus. “Not my problem” is something you’ll never hear coming out of the ReachLocal Star’s mouth. Always ready to spring into action, they don’t hesitate when it comes to taking ownership and responsibility over any project – big or small. Always working to make life easier, better and more efficient for their customer, the ReachLocal Star focuses on providing real, true value and the best experience possible in all that they do.

We call this the ReachLocal Star Award. And we’re proud to announce Asta Reklaityte from ReachLocal UK as our inaugural recipient! In recognizing this significant achievement, Asta will be receiving this beautifully designed award, a cash prize and a donation to the charity of her choice.

The nominees and finalists were kept secret until the grand unveiling during our Global Call this week. The reaction to the news in Asta’s office was priceless:

Hailing from the UK by way of Lithuania, Asta has been with ReachLocal for over 3 years and has occupied several key roles, starting as a Finance Intern to her current position as a Sales Operations Manager. We recently had a chance to ask Asta about her experiences working here, and her answers clearly demonstrate why she was selected as our first ever ReachLocal Star.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at ReachLocal?

A: My favourite thing definitely has to be the culture and people I work with. ReachLocal is not just a job for me – everyone here feels like my friends and family. Unfortunately, none of my close family lives in the UK; however after joining ReachLocal, I feel like I have my family here and ReachLocal is home for me. We have an amazing management team who are always here to support and mentor us.  I never even imagined it was possible to get this kind of atmosphere at work. So hats off to all of my ReachLocal colleagues!

Q: What motivates you to work hard and do a good job?

A: I am a very competitive individual. I do not like to be average and I always seek to be the best. Also, ReachLocal is not just a job for me; it’s a place with lots of opportunities and I just want to grab all of those and not let any of them pass by.

Q: Can you share 3 unique facts about yourself?

A: I love Microsoft Excel and could not do my working day without it! Geeky I know, but I love it. Basketball would be the sport I love (I hope one day to see an NBA game). And, in general, seeing new places and meeting new people of different cultures (we have a running collection in the UK London office of magnets from different cities we have visited – it is getting big!!).

Q: What is something you are most proud of in your career at ReachLocal?

A: I’m most proud to have support and trust from my colleagues and to know that they believe in me. To be nominated for this award was amazing. I couldn’t ask for more than this.

Q: What advice would you give to a fellow ReachLocal employee on how to be successful in their career here?

A: Be confident, curious, and hungry for knowledge, and above all, be a good and honest person that your colleagues can count on.

Q: To what charity are you interested in giving the donation?

A: I haven’t confirmed my charity yet (I am looking between Lithuania and UK), but I am thinking of giving this donation to a cancer charity. Eight years ago, my dad passed away from cancer and I would like this donation to go to a charity which helps and supports people with cancer, and makes their lives happier.

Thanks to Asta for taking the time to answer our questions, and on behalf of everyone at ReachLocal – congratulations again on being the first ever receipient of the ReachLocal Star Award! We are truly honored and humbled to have such amazing people like her here.


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