Create Appealing Offers With These 3 Holiday Marketing Tips

The holiday season is in full swing: Your customers are hitting the streets, crowding malls, and now more than ever, browsing online for the best last-minute deals and offers. So how do you grab their attention while also driving new business? Help your business thrive during the holidays by following these three tips for an appealing coupon or offer.

1. Create a Sense of Urgency with Your Offers

Typically, holiday offers and coupons don’t end until the holidays are over, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Create a sense of urgency for your customers and boost sales by building a promotion that expires sooner rather than later. According to a study by Russell Research, 79% of holiday shoppers begin their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, but there will be plenty of customers still shopping for holiday gifts up until the last minute, so having a date on your coupon that stands out by expiring earlier can force them to take action.

2. Diversify Your Offers

Creating a shorter time frame for your offers will also give you the opportunity to roll out multiple and diverse offers throughout the holiday season so you can focus on the full range of products and services your business offers. Also, consider running promotions that complement each other with staggering expiration dates. When a customer makes a purchase, let them know about additional holiday offers they can use later in the holiday season. This is a perfect opportunity to turn your interactions into repeat business.

3. Keep Your Offers Simple

The holidays can be stressful. It’s important to keep offers simple, not just for building new business, but also for current customers. Repeat customers tend to spend 67% more than new ones. The last thing that you want to do is upset your current customers by making them feel cheated or taken advantage of by a misleading offer, confusing exclusions, or weird loopholes. Also, it’s important to keep your coupon limited to a select product or service. Giving your customers too many options will cause your promotion to become confusing and convoluted. You don’t want your customers giving up on your business just because they can’t understand your offer. This is a good opportunity to run multiple coupons or offers as previously mentioned.

Whether you’re braving the bustling malls or shopping from the warm convenience of your home, take note of what coupons or offers catch your eye. Don’t be afraid to take a page out of their book and let them inspire your own promotions. And, don’t forget to promote your offers through your different marketing channels, like in app mobile advertising, search engine marketing, and your social sites. For more holiday marketing tips, find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Jason Obenhaus

Jason Obenhaus is a Digital Marketing Expert at ReachLocal who specializes in search and display advertising for SMBs. His experience in account management allows him to effectively communicate and strategize with clients to help them achieve their marketing goals. Recognized by upper management for his work and dedication, he continues to enthusiastically help his clients grow their businesses. In his free time, Jason enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing music, and reading.

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