Discovering Your Business Web Presence

Business Presence to Get Found Online

Understanding exactly what your local business Web Presence says is a critical step in building a robust presence that will ultimately help you attract more customers online.

There are several ways to determine your local business Web Presence. When assessing your Web Presence, it’s important to keep in mind how consumers search for your business online. There are two basic types of searches consumers use to search for local businesses: business name keywords and business category keywords.

Searching for Your Business Name Keywords
Searching the business name keyword for your business is pretty straightforward. It’s as simple as typing your business name into a search engine like Google, for example “Uptown Dental.” If your business has a common name, you may want to search your company’s name and city.

Searching for Business Category Keywords
Business category keywords describe your business type, products, or services. This is how consumersare searching for local businesses like yours , for example, “Dallas dentist.” It is more difficult to ensure that your business will show up in the search engine results page for words like these, because so many other local businesses in your niche are competing to appear in this space. You may not show up at all for general business category keywords, but you’ll never know until you start searching! This is an important element to consider this in discovering your overall web presence.

What Does Your Web Presence Reveal?
For each search you conduct, look at the first page of search results, because this is where most customers will discover information about your business.

Pay careful attention to the top three to five results that show up, because these are what most people click on. In fact, studies have shown that 88% of searchers click on the top five results, and the first three results get 79% of all clicks.

Now, ask yourself: What do you see? How many links on the first page of results are actually about your business? Does your company web site appear? Are there links to your company’s social media profiles on sites like Twitter or Facebook? The Google Places listing for your business? A link to a Yelp page about your business? Nothing at all?

Now click through each link that refers to your business and consider this: What would a customer think of if they saw what you‘re seeing? Would they be left with unanswered questions about your business? Would they be overwhelmed by customer feedback – good or bad? Would the overall impression be positive or negative? Would they want to do business with you?

Spend some time digging into your business Web Presence by searching your business online. Consider what you see from the mind of a customer. Ask someone you know and trust to search for your business online, and have them tell you objectively what they think. Then, study the Web Presence for some of your top local competitors – how does your presence stack up?

It may take some time to really understand what’s being said about your company online, but it’s well worth the effort. Once you know your business Web Presence, you can begin taking steps to boost it – and the bottom line.



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