Leads or Likes? Getting Real Results from Your Facebook Page

A lot has changed on the social media site this year – and now is the time to see if your Facebook advertising strategy is really bringing in the results you want.

A few years back, building a community of loyal Facebook followers was a relatively simple feat: launch a page, post compelling content on the regular, answer questions, respond to comments and watch your fan count rise. But Facebook has become an increasingly competitive space for brands, especially as personal content from friends takes precedent over promotional content from businesses.

This might be great for you as Facebook user, but it can be challenging as a business. The good news? With smart technology and guidance from partners – Facebook can be a huge revenue driver for your business.

But First, Context: What’s Changed and Why It Matters 

Earlier this year, Facebook announced they would start serving users content they are most likely to “engage” with. Essentially, content that is getting people talking is most likely to show up first in a user’s News Feed. That means the “special” or personal announcement posts that always collect comments from friends and family will appear first (think statuses such as “we’re having a baby!” or “taking off for my year-long adventure around the world, wish me luck!”). What it means for businesses is these personal announcements will be prioritized over a “blowout sale tomorrow at 10am, don’t miss it!” post.

Is it still worth investing in Facebook? How can I win?

If your tendency is to think, “well, it’s too tough out there – maybe I’ll invest somewhere else!” – you should still pay attention to the facts and figures. With 1 billion active users around the world, many of whom spend an entire hour on the site every single day, Facebook remains a key site for any business to reach their existing and prospective customers. And, encouragingly enough, 30% of users report liking, commenting or sharing Facebook ads that pop up on their desktop or mobile site.

The trick to competing with sentimental graduation posts or hilarious “throwbacks”, your challenge is to create the kind of conversation-sparking content people crave, and Facebook is looking for.

Keep in mind authenticity is key: tell your business’ story in an honest way that shows how unique you are – and why you play an important part in your local community. For example, say you’re a local barber: instead of posting a status about back to school haircuts, you could build a quiz (by using a free platform like SurveyMonkey) that lets your clients (and prospects!) find their celebrity hairstyle match. Or, you could post videos of weekly style tips from one of your most outgoing employees. Post a Facebook Live video of a local celebrity — say, a radio host – getting a trim.

When you start to think outside the box of your current Facebook strategy – you’ll realize the opportunities are endless. It’s all about finding those shareable moments and building content around them.

Targeting (And Investing) With a Real Purpose

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with organic reach reports and opting to ”boost” your content in hopes of getting better results. But if you’re not spending your marketing dollars in a more strategic way, you’re most likely missing the mark.

Root your Facebook strategy in a solution that’s “smart” — in other words, one that invests your Facebook budget in the places that works towards your goal. Our technology takes the guesswork out of Facebook advertising, and will help you strike the perfect balance of smart targeting to your local customers and budget allocation to help you generate the results you want. It measures which type of ad, audience or message is generating meaningful engagement – such as form fills, calls, or requests for more information. This one-of-a-kind smart technology optimizes your campaigns across the board to see what works best, and continues to drive performance toward your specific goals – reallocating your budget across ad types and platforms1 that drive results.

No Lead Left Unnoticed 

Ever feel like you have way too many passwords to keep track of – and wish you could keep everything in one, central place? Especially when you have multiple campaigns running at the same time? Centralizing your marketing activity in one spot not only helps you keep control of those “forgot your password?” moments, it also ensures you’re keeping a close watch on communications you’re getting from leads, so you never miss one opportunity.

Immediacy is everything when it comes to managing your leads – and this remains true in the world of Facebook. Our lead capture technology has taken this into account and will send leads directly to your smart phone or email – depending on your preference. You can set up automated responses to incoming leads to let them know you’re taking care of them. From there, you can route your leads to the person best suited to respond. This is a huge time saver, and will win you major brownie points from your existing and prospective clients looking to get more information.

Partner with the Pros

Given the reach of Facebook, the power of the platform as a place to grow your business, speak to new and potential customers and generate leads can’t be argued. But trying to manage it on your own can be tough, especially if you don’t have a dedicated marketing resource on your team.

It might be a tall order to make Facebook really work as a lead-driver for you in 2018, but with the right solutions and a few key moves – the social site could be a core part of your marketing success! But, as with anything, it’s all about teamwork – and partnering up with a team of experts positioned to help you win is a no-brainer.

Colleen McNamara

As the Senior Manager of Content Strategy at SweetIQ, Colleen plays a key role in the company's content marketing initiatives. She spends her days building editorial calendars, penning subject lines, and executing social media campaigns. Previously, Colleen worked with a number of Canadian companies, helping them launch their branded content programs in the SaaS, robotics, travel, and design industries. In her spare time, you'll find Colleen at a cafe or library near you, plugging away at her Master of Arts thesis. So far, her scholarly research has taken her to Berkeley, California, and Bergen, Norway.

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