Facebook Advertising 101: News Feed Ads vs. Right Column Ads

When you set up your Facebook advertising campaign, you have a few different options for the type of ad you’d like to run and where you’d like that ad to be placed. Facebook ad placements provide flexibility in selecting the best option so you can reach the right target audience and devices to accomplish your campaign goals. Currently, Facebook offers news feed and right column ad placement options.

So, what’s the best Facebook ad placement for your campaign? That depends on the target audience you want to reach, on what device, and what you want to accomplish.

Let’s take a closer look at these Facebook advertising options, how they differ, and when you should use them.

News Feed Ads

News feed ads will appear in the news feed along with posts from people’s family and friends, and you can select either desktop or mobile ad placement. News feed ads are more visible and are likely to generate more leads, however, they can be more expensive. They are marked as ‘sponsored’ but appear very similar to organic posts.

Use when: Your goals are to see increased engagement and perhaps get more bang for your buck.

Desktop Right Column Ads

Right column ads will appear on the right rail or right-hand column of the Facebook screen. This placement is only available to show to consumers on laptop or desktop computers. Right column ads typically have less expensive clicks and conversions, and they also appear smaller and look more like a traditional ad.

Use when: Your goal is to have a more visually appealing or dynamic ad.

What About Both?

Each month 1.55 billion people access Facebook, and more than half of those users access Facebook solely from a mobile device. To ensure you’re reaching all users, why not allocate budget to both news feed ads and right column ads? That’s what we recommend, at least.

Use when: You want to reach a wider target audience, grow engagement, and create visually appealing ads.

Take a look at what the different ad placements look like on Facebook below, and visit our website to learn how ReachLocal can help you run an effective Facebook advertising campaign to reach your marketing goals.

Facebook Ad Placement

Image Source: Facebook Ads Guide

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