Facebook Advertising for Healthcare: 5 Steps to Get Started

Pictures of babies, keeping up with old friends, and fun video recipes are all reasons why 1.94 billion people sign into Facebook on a monthly basis with 1.28 billion people logging in on a daily basis. When these users log in, they are spending an average of 50 minutes per visit. To say that Facebook has captured our attention is an understatement. And, all of these users represent potential patients who are turning to family and friends for healthcare information and recommendations.

So, it only makes sense for your practice to harness the power of this social networking giant through Facebook advertising. Here are some basics for getting started with Facebook advertising for healthcare businesses.

1. Make Sure Your Facebook Page is Updated

Before you can start running a Facebook ad, you’ll need to make sure that your Facebook page is up to date and active. Anyone who sees your ad can click over to your Facebook page. You don’t want them to see an empty page or get access to outdated information. If your page is missing vital information such as a profile photo, a website link, or recent posts it could deter people from exploring your health system any further.

2. Choose Your Campaign Goal

Facebook has a number of different ad campaign types that are aimed at helping businesses and health systems get their brand and message out to as many people as possible. Knowing which one to use will really depend on your goals of the campaign. If you are hosting a lecture featuring one of your doctors or have a demonstration of a new robotic surgery machine then creating an event ad might be your best option to get community members to attend. Or, if you want to get more attention to a specific service line then using a website clicks ad would best help drive traffic to the web page that service line is on.

3. Decide Who You Want to See Your Ad

Once you have decided on what type of Facebook ad type is best for your goals, it is time to figure out who you should see this ad. Targeting not only includes basic demographics and interests but also where your potential patients live and work. Every service line and procedure is meant for a specific patient, and Facebook does a great job of making sure that you can reach them. Targeting middle-aged women with incomes over $100,000 who lives in suburban neighborhoods with an interest in home and garden magazines is an example of how granular the targeting on Facebook can get. Whether it’s zip codes, a radius, or a specific city, there are plenty of options to make sure your ad shows in the right location. You can even exclude locations if you want to.

An important thing to remember is that as your campaign becomes more granular, there will be fewer people available to target. A good rule of thumb is that your total population should be anywhere from 250,000 to 500,000 at a minimum.

4. Set Your Budget

Budget works hand in hand with targeting. Too much budget and you will overserve your market and everyone on Facebook may get annoyed by you; too little budget and you could be missing out on a few potential patients. There is plenty of “inventory” available for Facebook ads if you adhere to the targeting population mentioned in the previous paragraph. So budgeting will depend more on what is available for you. A good practice is to find a cost per click that works for you, multiply that by your daily average reach, and then multiply that number by 30 days to get a monthly budget.

5. Choose Ad Creative that Stands Out

After identifying a budget and who you are targeting, it will take ad creative that stands out to get users to stop scrolling on their News Feeds. Facebook allows the use of a single image, multiple images, and videos to share your message. Depending on the type of ad creative you would like to use, Facebook has guidelines to help make sure your ads are the best they can be. Videos are a great way to grab someone’s attention as they start playing immediately when they are scrolled past on the News Feed. If you decide on a video for your ad creative, a good practice is to try to make your videos less than 30 seconds in order to maintain your viewer’s attention. If you don’t have a good video to use then a creative image can still make your ad great.

Facebook ads are a very exciting and affordable form of digital advertising. I hope you “liked” these tips because they will help you reach the right potential patients. Learn more about Facebook advertising for healthcare on our website.

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