Facebook Engagement: Getting Fans to Say “Yes” to Your Business

If you are one of the millions of local businesses that are using Facebook to engage with consumers, then you have probably asked yourself, “How do I get more fans?” But the question you should really be asking is: “How do I get more engagement from the fans I have?”

The reason answering the second question is more important is simple. According to this infographic of Facebook engagement statistics, for every fan that engages with you via likes, comments, shares, and other social signals, there are on average 34 more friends you can reach with your content.

See “The Simple Science of Facebook Engagement” infographic here.

So what can you do to ensure that you are engaging the consumers you already have? Here are a few key stats from the infographic and tips to apply these takeaways to your business.

Posts with images receive interaction rates 39% higher than average.

Thanks to Smartphones, taking relevant images for your business Facebook page has never been easier. Plus, with infographics, memes, and sharable photos available across the Web, finding images that boost engagement with your fans is an easy alternative to creating your own. If you do use someone else’s images, make sure they aren’t under copyright protection.

41%of Facebook users check Facebook up to two times daily.

If you have a personal Facebook account, you probably see how quickly your Facebook news feed changes throughout the day. And chances are, your fans experience the same thing. So, posting fresh and relevant content on your business page is a great way of staying visible to the people who follow you there.

Check out:

25% of people who use Twitter or Facebook to complain about brands expect a response within the hour.

Actively managing your entire Web presence takes some effort, but can result in a great online reputation. The key to minimizing negative feedback on social media is to always provide great customer service, on and off your social sites. But when you are online, make sure to keep your social media conversations relevant to your business, don’t overreact to complaints or negative posts, and monitor your feeds regularly to catch negative comments early, so you can help keep your fans and customers happy

Check out:

How are you using social media to engage with your fans? Have you used any of the tips in this infographic on your business’ social media profiles? Let us know in a comment!

Tara Banda

Tara Banda is a digital marketer in Dallas, TX and a Content Marketing Manager for ReachLocal. She focuses on helping businesses develop their voice in order to connect and engage with the right audiences. Tara has worked on campaigns and promotions – including social media, email marketing, video, advertising, guerrilla marketing, and event marketing – for both small businesses and globally recognized brands. In her spare time, she likes to cook.

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