Get More Opens: 15 Email Subject Line Formulas that Work

Get more email opens with these email subject line tips.

One of the most important parts of any marketing email is often the part that most people spend the least amount of time crafting – the subject line. But this short amount of copy is the first hurdle that stands between you and your recipient. So, in order to make your email marketing program more effective, it’s important to craft the right subject line. No matter the content of your email, keep your subject lines short (50 characters or fewer) and be specific, always telling the reader what they will get by opening your email.

Try these 15 email subject line formulas to get your email opened.

Ask Readers to Take Action

To get a target consumer or customer to take action, it’s important to include action verbs in your subject line. Similar to a call to action on your website or advertising, your subject line should create a sense of urgency and provide a benefit to the reader. For instance, a subject line like “Get a Sneak Peek of Our Summer Menu Items” is more actionable than simply “River Grill Summer Menu Items.” This formula can work well for timely news such as upcoming events, product launches, or special promotions.

1) Meet the Chef of [Business Name] on [Date/Time]

2) Try Out [Product/Service] at [Discount]

3) Refer a Friend and Get [Special Offer

Create an Announcement or Invitation

If you want your potential or current clients to feel like you care about them, send them an email invitation or special announcement. Whether you’re holding an event or announcing a new product, service, or store location, using words like “Invitation” or “Announcement” can grab your readers’ attention. Try these formulas for creating excitement with your audience.

4) You’re Invited to [Company Name] Annual [Event Name]

5) Announcing [Company Name] Brand New [Product/Service]

6) [Company Name] Invites You to a [Product/Service] Open House

Localize Your Content

Consumers want to know about what’s going on in their neighborhood. So, let them know you’re in their area by including the location in your subject line. If you’re located in or serve more than one location, segment your emails based on city or ZIP code to ensure the right audience gets your emails. For example, if you have a new apartment complex in a specific neighborhood in Dallas, you can send an email just to prospects in that area inviting them to take a tour.

7) Join Us for the Grand Opening of Our [Location] Store

8) Check Out [Company Name]’s Newest Store in [Location]

9) [Location] Residents: Get [Discount] When You Book [Service]

Provide Helpful Content

It’s important not to just send sales-related emails to your prospects and customers. You should also be sending them useful content, such as helpful tips in your industry or best practices for using your product or service. For instance, if you’re a home remodeling business, you could send an email with tips for choosing a paint color.

10) Your Guide to [Industry-Related Topic]

11) How To Get the Most Out of [Product/Service]

12) 5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your [Product/Service]

Send a Company Newsletter

One way to get the open from your audience is by sending regular emails with all of your company news, events, and helpful information. If you opt to send a newsletter, use the same subject line formula every time so your readers will become familiar with the cadence and content of your emails. This enables you to build a relationship with clients and prospects, which can impact the likelihood they will open your sales and marketing emails. An analysis conducted by MailChimp showed that emails that contained the company name were more frequently opened than those that didn’t.

13) [Company Name] Newsletter – [Date]

14) Pulse on [Company Name]

15) [Company Name] Newsflash

What subject line formulas have worked well for your business? Let us know in the comments!

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