How Consumers Search For Local Business: 5 Tips for Being Found Online

How Consumers Search For Local Business

According to a new study from PEW Research, consumers looking for local restaurants and other local businesses go to the Internet, specifically search engines, as their primary source of information. Other sources of online information include specialty websites and social media. The study also revealed:

  • 55% of adults get news and information about local restaurants, bars, and clubs
  • 60% of adults get news and information about other types of local businesses

As online search and social networking on the Web and mobile devices continues to rise among adults looking for local businesses like yours, here are a few tips from the past year we recommend:

Claim and Optimize your Business Profile on Google Places. Google Places is one of the most highly indexed local listing site on the Web. Once you’ve claimed your Google Place Page, what can you do to make sure it’s found in local search results? This post explains the basics to optimizing your Place Page for local search, so can you get the most out of this powerful site.

How to: Optimize your Google Places Page for SEO & Search Discovery

Use Local SEO Content in your Posts. Local search is all about having the right keywords for your local business. This post shows you how to optimize your website, blog and social media posts around a local keyword so you can be found by consumers searching locally for your products or services.

Your Guide to Local SEO Content Basics

Capture Mobile Searchers with a Mobile-Friendly Site Because consumers are now searching for information and businesses on their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets like the iPad, it’s imperative your local business doesn’t miss out on capturing this local audience. Having a mobile-friendly site not only helps you get found in mobile search, but also strengthens consumer engagement and brand visibility with mobile consumers. Here’s a deeper look into the benefits of mobile-friendly sites.

Three Ways A Mobile-Ready Site Can Help Your Business

Regularly Post Fresh Content. Content marketing is a great way to promote your local business online because it helps build your presence across the entire Web. But, maintaining an optimized web presence requires you to post regular, fresh content that attracts both search engines and consumers to your blog or social media pages. So, here are a few ideas you can use to get your creative juices flowing.

Content Marketing For Local Business: 5 Resources for Ideas

Use Paid Search to Boost SEO. You already know the basics of getting found via organic search, but that takes time and effort – both of which are precious for local business owners. So, to boost your presence on the search results pages, you can run search engine advertising, also known as PPC advertising, to quickly capture more leads from online searches. Here are a few tips for choosing the right search engine advertising firm for your local business.

How To: Choose a Search Engine Advertising Partner for Your Business

How are you leveraging content marketing, search engine advertising, and local listings to get your local business found by local consumers searching online?

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