How To: Increase Web Conversions with Live Chat

Live Chat

As many local businesses know, online advertising tactics like search engine advertising, display advertising, and social media marketing are effective ways to drive local prospects to your website – but how do you keep them there? And an even more challenging task, how do you get those visitors to convert into customers?

One small business website best practice is to include multiple ways for visitors to contact you on your website to increase leads. In addition to offering only a contact form or phone number, you can also add live chat technology to drive more— and better quality—leads  from potential customers visiting your site.

What Are the Benefits of Adding Live Chat to Your Website? 

By offering an alternative to traditional website conversion methods like a phone call, email, or web form, live chat can turn many prospects who may not have contacted you otherwise into actionable leads for your business.

  • Immediate Leads – The visitor can connect with a representative of your business in real time without having to worry about being sent to voicemail or waiting for a response from an email or contact form. Additionally, live chat enables prospects to connect with the business outside normal hours of operation. By engaging prospects immediately and proactively, you’re more likely to convert them before they leave your site.
  • Improved Customer Experience – You can use web chat to provide a basic level of customer service and answer questions about your business, such as hours, location, and products or services offered, helping drive the visitor closer to a sale. This can provide a personalized customer experience and leave the visitor with positive impression of your business, so they are more likely to leave their contact information. Then, you can follow up with the visitor via email or phone to provide additional details and close the sale.
  • Affordable Solution – Most website live chat solutions provide a pay-per-lead model, meaning you only pay for qualified leads obtained via the chat. That means you don’t pay for visitors who leave the chat without providing relevant contact information.

Live Chat Case Studies

Many of our TotalLiveChat clients have seen a significant increase in quality leads from their online advertising campaigns by adding live chat to their website.  For example, two of our TotalLiveChat clients have improved their results by using live chat on their websites. In addition, after implementing live chat and seeing the results, both clients increased their initial budgets to convert even more site visitors. Here’s a quick look at these case studies:

Cutler & Associates

  • Cycle Spend: $600
  • Leads: 75

“The TotalLiveChat program that Reach[Local] offers is wonderful. What is allows our potential clients to do is speak to somebody when they hit our website. A box pops down, clients click on it, and are immediately engaged with another human being.” Stewart Swanson, Partner, Cutler & Associates

Fast Lane Classic Cars

  • Cycle Spend: $2000
  • Leads: 250

“The amount of money that we spend with chat, in relationship to the increased revenue that we get from chat is absolutely a wise investment for any business.” – Joe Clark, General Manager, Fast Lane Classic Cars

About TotalLiveChat
TotalLiveChat is our live chat service that uses live specialists to capture leads from interested prospects when they visit your website. Now, this service includes Call Connect, a feature that allows a visitor to connect with the business in real time, increasing call conversions from the site. See more client reviews at

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