How to Use YouTube to Target Your Audience

The modern living room is changing. Families are still gathering around on couches and chairs to watch TV shows or even videos. However, what they are watching and the medium they are watching on is what has changed.

Digital video streaming services such as YouTube, which has seen the number of views on TVs double year over year, are taking away from the time spent watching broadcast TV. On just mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18-49-year-olds than broadcast or cable TV. So, how do you reach an audience that is watching less TV than they used to? The answer is YouTube advertising.

So, what are some ways you can use YouTube to target your audience?

Understand Why Users Visit YouTube

To understand how to effectively use YouTube advertising, it is important to understand why people visit the platform. The three most common reasons that people visit YouTube are:

  • When they need help with a task
  • When they want to be entertainment
  • When they want to learn something new

The way that YouTube allows you to target your audience is largely based off of the way that they are searching within the platform and the videos they are watching after the search. This means that understanding which category your audience fits into in the above three categories is crucial for ad success. And, it can help you determine what type of content you should include in your video ad.

Understand Where Visitors Can See Your Ad

Beyond knowing how your audience uses YouTube, the placement of your ad is also crucial to your success. As I am sure you have seen, there are ads before videos that you are able to skip after five seconds. These types of ads operate on what is called a True View payment system. Even if someone hits the skip button on your ad, you still received at least five seconds of free advertising. This means that if you are going to use a True View ad option you should put a logo or branding within the first five seconds of your video.

Another ad option that is available is Discovery ads. While still considered a True View, these videos do not appear before a video is streamed. These ads show at the top of a results page or as a suggested next video. The suggested next video feature is great for those going to YouTube to learn something new if your ad can help them with a particular topic.

Get Started with YouTube Ads

Whether watching YouTube on a TV or picking up their mobile device to watch a video during a commercial, there is a large audience on YouTube, and they are just waiting to see your ad. If you need help getting started with YouTube ads, the friendly people at ReachLocal are here to help, so contact us today.

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5 Ways to Target Your Audience Online

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